4:45 Pre-Run: Schrute, LowFlow, RazzleDazzle & Firewalker.

At 5:15am, FW welcomed the assembled pax. The mission and five core principles were covered. No FNGs. The official disclosure that I was not a professional and to modify as necessary.

6 Pax: Schrute, LowFlow, Feeney, TenaciousD, Dozer & YHC, Firewalker.


• Toy Soldiers 20 IC

• Seal / Overhead Claps 25 IC

• Raggedy Andy’s 25 IC

• Donkey Kicks 20

• Imperial Squat Walkers 20 IC


Pax divided into groups of three and rotated through three stations.

• 75 Box Jumps Total / 25 Each

• Run Up & Down Main Street

• 150 Merkins Total / 50 each

• Rinse & Repeat until Omaha. Pax completed four rounds before moseying back to the shovel flags.


• Captain Thors: 1 Big Boi Sit Up + 4 American Hammers. We went to 4 BBSU’s and 16 AH’s


• F3Omaha 5 Year Anniversary coming in April. More details will be shared soon!


“Do you know how many wars there have been in the history of mankind? No, of course not. Most wars are forgotten. All the men who fought in them and all the medals they won. Heroes and hardware fade to the back of the history books because it’s not about war. There’s no V-Day. There’s no finish line. The real battle in life is being someone others can count on. And that isn’t earned in a single moment. You earn it in a lifetime of showing up. These conflicts don’t define you. You don’t want them to. What’s the most important thing? “Bring ‘Em home.”

This quote from the movie DEVOTED resonated with me. It’s a movie based on the 1950’s, Air Force pilots fighting from the Korean War. It reminds me of how the daily battles we face often come and go. The things we worry about today are gone and often forgotten tomorrow. Also, the most important thing, to “bring ‘em home” is ensuring we always pick up the 6. That we always return with the pax we broke circle with at the beginning. And as it impacts lift, our real jobs as husbands, fathers, colleagues and peers, that we step up to lead by word and deed. As a father, it’s my job to ensure I see my family through until the end. To guide and shepherd them. So now I pause and ask, what does “bring ‘em home” mean to you?



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