3-1-23 Danger Zone

“Ugh The End”

QIC: Chernobyl

PAX(17): Chernobyl, Sundance, Kickstand, ICB, Goose, Busser, Razzle Dazzle, Shocker, Beans, Icy Hot, KOA, The Bends (FNG), Animal House, QTip, Mr. hanky, Duracell, Styx

5:15 Chernobyl welcomed all PAX members and FNGs to the beautiful gloom. He listed off the 5 core principles, mission statement and credo. He mentioned that he is not a professional and that all exercises are a suggestion and to modify if needed. We then moseyed nowhere for Warm-O-Rama

5:18 Warm-O-Rama

Michael Phelps, Big Ones

5:20 Thang

We moseyed around the school and ended up on the northeast corner. During the run Duracell was already kicking himself for pre-running a Chernobyl workout. I was merely overhearing his conversation but was grinning from ear to ear because today wasn’t going to be easy. 

We split into 4 groups and I explained the challenge. There were 5 stages, and every PAX needed to do all exercises before advancing to the next stage. No PAX could leave early.

Stage 1 – 100 Maverick Merkins on the rails

Stage 2 – 3 Bernie Sanders up hill & 3 sprints up the hill (jogging down each time after)

Stage 3 – 50 Handcuff Merkins (with hands facing downward and forearms towards face) & 50 Johnny Dramas on the curb

Stage 4 – 100 yard broad jumps

Stage 5 – 100 yard crawl bear

We picked up the 6, but every PAX finished the entire workout which also made me grin. We moseyed back to the shovel flags for Name O Rama and COT.

5:50 Mary / Name-O-Rama / COT

We finished with Sarpy Slammers before doing NOR. We also had an FNG. During his naming, he mentioned he liked scuba diving and a few existing F3Omaha names came up. Then ICB mentioned the bends and every PAX oohed and aahed. He even had a personal story of a friend getting the bends so it seemed too perfect.

COT: The theme of my message was “What happens between where you once were and where you are supposed to be?”. I focused my message about being present and enjoying the meantime. ESPN and social media Tony make their money showing the grind of athletes day after day, they show the highlights reel. Likewise, we will regret the days of not enjoying our kids when they are grown up and gone from the house. Enjoy that extra mile, enjoy your goal setting, and enjoy those around you on your journey to being the best version of yourself.

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