Weather -30 degrees and cloudy and a little dark

PAX: Joe Buck, Flying V, Rancid, Sputnik, Mac-N-Cheese, FNG Chinstrap, FNG Duckling, Black Lung, Side Dish, Buns of Steel

Q: Gunner

A wonderful and honest introduction this morning before we got rolling. I explained to the Pax the reason for my Q was because I miscalculated the schedule and got the ever-so lovely Tater Text last Sunday morning that prompted for my immediate entry to the Q schedule.  Even though I did not intend to be the Q for the work out, I do enjoy being the Q for the workout. And I especially love Q’ing at The Canyon. So after my confession I stated the Five Core Principles, Mission Statement and credo. I did fail to mention the disclaimer which ironically would have been good advice to our FNG Chinstrap. Flying V brought him along with his younger brother FNG Duckling.  We got to moseying.

Warmarama was done at the Capitol Street parking garage.  We went to the top and began our warmarama.  Warmarama was done along the different levels of the parking garage. It was the standard mix of warmarama exercises with some running intervals blended in.  After warmarama we mosedy to the Pioneer Courage Park for The Thang

The Thang -Was at Pioneer Courage Park.  There were 8 stations set up around the park and the pax performed the workout paired up

Station 1 – Benches on Capitol Street

20 bench inclines

20 dips

frog hop to next

Station 2 – Benches on Capitol Street

20 bench inclines

20 dips

Station 3 – Rocks by the man on horse statue

10 Over and back w/ 1 merkin at each side

Station 4 – At the flag pole

25 IC SSH.-red bull

10 burpees

20 IC imperial walkers

Station 5

10 double Step ups and back on the plaque rocks in the middle of the park

Station 6

10 alarm clocks at the bottom of the hill on the grass

Station 7

circle step ups around the rocks at the southeast corner of the park

once around and back

Station 8 – 15 ic

Scissor kicks

Plank jacks

Dying cockroaches

Run lap around the grass field to get to station 1

Omaha at 7:45 am. Everyone mostly completed two times around the circuit.

Mary – We did 75 calf raises

Prayers- For Flying V’s brother in law and Mac-N-Cheese intensions for someone close.

Annoucements – April’s F3 Anniversary

COT- I really did keep my COT short.  I just reminded the men that we are starting a new fresh weekend right now and to go about the rest of the day and the weekend with peaceful thoughts and actions. Make peace a priority in our lives.

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