Friday, December 16, 2022|The Woodshed|Elmwood Park, Omaha, NE | 18 Degrees
“Freed from old ways to the Freedom to excel”
Q: Ditty
6 PAX: Howah (Respect,) Rocket, Good Lookin’, Bovine, Hoser, and Ditty
Announced: Welcome, Mission Statement, Five Core Principles, Disclaimer, and Credo.
Freed to Lead says we don’t stretch. (pg. 113 in the second edition) If you want to stretch, come early. Please, modify as
Mosey around the pavilion to the Thang
I you’ve done a B.O.M.B.S. or Dora 1-2-3 workout, this is similar. Partner up. PAX 1 does exercise while PAX 2 runs to the
tennis court and back. Swap out and continue the exercise until each amount of reps are complete. You will be counting
your reps as a pair, not individual. The exercises and reps are:
F: 50 Foxholes
R: 200 Red Bull Smurph Jacks
E: 100 El Capitans
E: 200 E2Ks (100/side)
D: 100 Derkin N’Diayes
Mosey around the pavilion to the Flag for Name-o-rama
Announcements: Check Slack for all the details! CSAUP January 28 th , Mental Battle on Monday, Meal drop offs
Prayers: Tin Cup’s family, Pit Stop’s family, Hoser’s Dad, and some that my talk to text turned to gibberish.
COT: We are freed from our past mistakes and weaknesses. We are freed to excel forward each day. Live in your

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