@griswold, @mr Miyagi, @Brad Pitt, @Ketchup, @crab cakes, @switchfoot, @moe, @hungry man, @exile WARM-O-RAMA
Coupon mosey to the field
Merkins, Supermans, mountain climbers, SSH, Imperial Walkers, Tappy taps THE THANG
Buy in: 100yd push pace, 10 Burpees, run back Partner Exercise 1
Wheelbarrow 20yds, mosey back, 10 squats
Brotate & repeat
Wheelbarrow 40yds, mosey back, 20 squats
Brotate & repeat
Wheelbarrow 60yds, mosey back, 30 squats
Brotate & repeat Mosey around back to the turf field
Backpedal up the bleacher stairs X3
Backpedal the road uphill back out of the stadium (about 100yds) Mosey back to the practice field Partner Exercise 2
Coupon Dora
100yd run out & back
⁃ 100 Curls
⁃ 200 Rows
⁃ 300 Overhead Press Mosey back to the flag with coupons Freddie Mercuries & a hip stretch COT
YHC shared about the value I’ve experienced in learning more humility and being open to correction and the learning that comes from other’s input. Much of today’s workout was taken directly from convergences and workouts I’ve attended in other regions, and even friends outside of F3 sharing ideas. For our personal growth beyond just the physical fitness it is even more so true that it is a good thing to find faster men and chase them! Prayers for Mr Miyagi’s recovery and family safe travels

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