08/14/2023 – Coronado: BrotherhoodPAX: Black Flag, ZBo, Golden Pike, Gator, Super Tasty, Lemu, Macanudo, 308, Turtle, Da Fridge, Papa Smurph, Haboob, TC, Mulligan, Vandelay, Cheap Seats, Barn Door Q: Barn Door and Cheap Seats 17 PAX arrived at the Flags and heard the Core principles, Mission, credo, and disclaimer. Warm-A-Rama We moseyed up to the office building parking lot for a little Cheap Seat warm up.   The PAX performed a series of warm up exercises

  1. 15 SSH (IC)
  2. 12 tappy taps (IC)
  3. 10 Wind Mills (IC)

  We then took the PAX to the nearest parking space lines to do some Calastinics.  We had each PAX member trace the outline of the parking space lines with a run up, side shuffle, then a bernie sanders down the line and continued that all the way up the parking lot.  We performed that twice!   We then did some additional parking space line work.  We have each PAX member run to the first parking line then bernie sanders back, then to the second parking line and bernie sanders back and so on and so on.   Lastly, we completed a crowd pleaser and went up to 7. 1 merkin to 1 groiner 2 merkins to 2 groiners 3 merkins to 3 groiners 4 merkins to 4 groiners 5 merkins to 5 groiners 6 merkins to 6 groiners 7 merkins to 7 groiners And then back down the elevator to 1 merkin and 1 groiner.       The THANG   We stayed in the parking lot for The Thang which was a 4 man grinder with two of the partners always staying together.   One end of the parking lot was the push group which consisted of:

  • 100 merkins, push after a set of 20
  • 300 squats, push after a set of 30

  The other end of the parking lot was AMRAP until pushed:

  • 200 LBCs
  • 400 SSH
  • Rinse and repeat as necessary.

  Counts were cumulative.   Omaha was called with about 12 minutes left so we moseyed back over to the flags.   We proceeded to complete Mary, but shortly had to move as the teachers started to arrive into the parking lot since school is now back in session.   6MOM consisted of:

  • 15 IC Box Cutters
  • 15 IC Flutter Kicks
  • 3.5 IC Gas pumpers (Had to move)
  • 1 round of Rancid style American Hammers


  • Brush up August 19th.
  • Blood Donations August 25th. Sign up or just show up.
  • Maize Flag pass August 17th. Obi Wan to Dakine.
  • Golden Pike is in between jobs right now if anyone is looking for software developers.


  • Mulligan’s friend Don has had his cancer come back and is not looking good.
  • Mulligan’s son, Xavier, is in his second week of in patient rehab and doing pretty well.
  • Frige’s friend, Derrick, rolled his race car. Thankfully just some bumps and bruises.
  • Flatstick is traveling to MN, but not feeling well. Prayers for health.

Circle of Trust: We may not all have brothers, we may not see our brothers often, or we may be somewhat estranged from our brothers. F3 helps fill that desire to be close to other men to get better at everything in your life. Not only through exercise, but through conversation on hard topics in life. Reach out to anyone in F3Omaha if you are in need of Brotherhood, and PAX will be there to help pick you up in whatever way is needed.   Cheap Seats explained that I never grew up with a brother (I had 3 sisters).  I experienced true brotherhood just the prior Saturday with a pre-run at Dragon’s Lair.  Mulligan and Barn Door joined me there to do a 5 mile + run.  I explained that just wasn’t feeling it that day and was struggling around mile 3.  I wanted to quit and give up as we climbed a very steep hill.  Having my brothers there along side wouldn’t make me quit.  I applaud Barn Door and Mulligan for pushing me through that morning.   I also explained why I enjoy Coronado so much, it’s a great bruiser site that can help guys battling with injuries and also if you are just starting your First F journey.  Lean into the PAX and find a brother whether you are the most in shape F3 PAX or just starting.  You won’t be disappointed with how impactful brotherhood can be in the gloom.   Cheap Seats led us out in prayer. Aye!Barn Door and Cheap Seats

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