15 Gladiator Pax: Folsom, SafeRide, TC (Respect), PennyMarshall, HoneyMaid, BlackLung, Splinter, PonyExpress, SpaceBar, BetaMax, Vanilla Ice, Wentworth, 308 (Respect), TightLip, and YHC – Firewalker.


⁃ 15 SSH IC

⁃ 15 Imperial Walkers IC

⁃ Control Freak Merkins 15 Single Count

⁃ 15 GoofBallz IC


We ran to the turf field. Lined up on the end line. On my cam and the pax started run’n. When I yelled ”I’m up, I’m run’n”. They fell to their faces when I yelled “They See Me. I’m Down.” We ran up and down the field twice doing this. Heart rates were sky high.

As if on Q, FW had yet another PreThang up his sleeve. It was time for. BroadJumps. The pax broad jumped from the end line to the 25yd line. And because we broad jumped to the 25, we had to broad jump back. It only seemed right. We didn’t have far to go to get right into our Thang. We mosey’d to the corner of the field and the fun was set to begin.


The Second Running of the Firecracker 500 was about to get underway…

Round 1

• 50 T-Merkins

• 50 BigBoySitUps

• Run a lap around the field

Round 2

• 50 PicklePushers. Plenty of eye contact.

• 50 OhYeahs. Even more eye contact from TenaciousD.

• Lap

Round 3

• 50 AirPresses

• 50 Groiners

• Lap

Round 4

• 50 Apollo Ohnos

• 50 Heels to Heaven

• Lap

Round 5

• 50 Monkey Humpers

• 50 Low Dollys

• Lap

Rinse & Repeat if time


• American Hammers – Rancid Style.


FW shared the following quote and the COT, while not written down, went something like this:

Winning is not normal. That does not mean there is anything wrong with winning It just is not normal. It’s highly unusual. Every competition has only one winner. No matter how many people enter, only one person/team wins the championship. Winning is unusual- as such it requires unusual action. In order to win, you must do extraordinary things. You cannot just be one of the crowd, The crowd does not win. You have to be willing to stand out and act differently.

FW shared about teaching winning and losing to his 8y/o son. FW hates losing more than his son does. What are you teaching your kids about winning and losing? They’re looking to you.



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