Russell Middle School, 5304 D 172nd Street, Omaha, NE 68135  

62 degrees, light breeze, clear.  Absolutely beautiful morning for a beatdown

QIC: Boji   7 PAX: Hungry Man, Oscar, Beaver, Yard Dart, Muffs, Larry Legend, Boji  

As I was driving this morning, I considered that I very well may be the only person that would be at the site this morning with the Shovel Flag pass happening at the Maize.  When I pulled in, I saw Oscar’s car in the parking lot (Whew…).  Oscar and I gathered at the shovel flag for a pre-run.  As were discussing our options if we were the only 2 PAX at Iditarod, Beaver pulled into the parking lot.  We had 3 people! Things were looking up.  We commenced the pre-run.   As we were running down “Y Street” we met a runner coming up the street.  Oscar asked him to join us on the run.  To our surprise, he took us up on the offer.  His name is Christian, and he owns “Good Lookin’” restaurant in Dundee.  We put a major EH on him and we believe we have him convinced into going the 2.0 workout at Oracle this upcoming Saturday.  As we headed toward the school, Christian had to veer off to get to work. If he shows up on Saturday, we need to give Oscar credit for the EH.   When we arrived back at the shovel flag there were a few other guys there.  We chatted for a few minutes and then got down to the business at hand.  

At 5:30 I welcomed the other 6 PAX to F3 and Iditarod.  I went thru the Mission Statement, 5 core principles, credo, & let them know I was not a professional.  We had no FNG’s this morning.  

Warm-O-Rama: We stayed in the parking lot by the shovel flag:

  • 20 Side Straddle Hops (IC)
  • 20 Sun Gods IC (10 Front / 10 Back)
  • Downward Dog into Pigeon (both right and left leg)

  We moseyed to the Track/Football Field for both “The Pre-Thang” and “The Thang”  

Pre-Thang-We moseyed around the track 1X and stopped 4 different times to do a set of 5 Burpees each time.  

The Thang-2 Man Grinder: I broke the PAX up into pairs for a 2-Man grinder / cumulative reps.  There was a list of exercises at one end-zone of the football field.  One PAX was counting the exercises on the sheet while the other PAX ran to the other end-zone, did 3 burpees; ran back and picked up the count where the other PAX left off.  Following is the list of exercises:

  • 200 Merkins
  • 200 WW1
  • 200 Air Squats
  • 200 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 200 LBC (IC)
  • 150 Bobby Hurly’s

Rinse and Repeat Until Omaha One group was just getting started on the LBC’s when Omaha was called to the delight of the PAX at 6:04am.  We gathered the lights, exercise sheets and headed back to the shovel flag for Mary.  

Mary: I called on PAX to do their favorite core:

  • Oscar – 15 Flutter Kicks (IC)
  • Muffs – 20 Nolan Ryans IC (10 on each side)
  • Beaver – 15 LBC’s (IC)
  • 1 Round of Rancid Style American Hammers


  • Project Brush Up this Saturday
  • Freed to Bleed – Next Friday
  • Check Slack

Prayer Requests:

  • Some prayers were said, some left unsaid.

COT: In all transparency, I did not have a strong COT prepared as I seriously thought I might be the only one at the site with the special morning happening at The Maize.  The cool thing that happened was that my COT developed as the morning progressed.   

One of the most beautiful things about F3 is that it will meet you wherever you are on the F3 journey.  Oscar took the initiative to reach out to a person he had never met (Christian) and he took a leap of faith and finished his run with us.  This could be the first part of Christian’s F3 journey and he doesn’t even know it yet.   

I spent time working out with Hungry Man this morning, a PAX I have not been able to spend much time with.  He has been posting for 3 months and said that F3 is really messing with his golf game as his shoulders are getting much bigger and as a result he is hooking the ball all of the time.  He said he is not ready for his VQ yet as he is enjoying just taking F3 in. That is completely okay as that is where he is on his F3 journey.     

We had people that are on all different parts of their F3 journey all gathered around the Shovel Flag at Iditarod this morning.  My messaging was to embrace the journey wherever you are at.  There is no right or wrong place to be.  Just be here!  

I really appreciate all who showed up this morning.  Congratulations to our brothers Obi-Wan and DaKine on the Shovel Flag pass at The Maize this morning!  

Embrace Your Journey – Boji

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