08/14/2023: Stormbreaker

QIC: Parsecs (VQ)

I arrived early and did the pre Smurph at Titan Alley with a solid group of PAX.  I did however sneak away from running the final mile to ensure I was ready to Q, and still failed to properly connect my phone to my bluetooth speaker.  Amadeus saved the day with the trusted “reboot” of the speaker.  Today’s theme was “Back to School” and the Beatdown incorporated a few references to that  as well as had some school related music to add to the ambiance.

PAX: Dozer, Boss Hogg, Truck Stop, Amadeus, Razzle Dazzle, Harding, Animal House, Peg leg, Swiper, Switchfoot, Barney Fife, Bobsled, Crowd Source, Duracell, Busser, Tenacious D, Grease Fire, Beans, WoodStock, Parsecs

I welcomed all to F3 Stormbreaker and fumbled my way through the 5 Core Principals but get them all eventually.  Free of Charge, Open to all men, always outside, peer led and ends in COT.  I hammered home the fact that I am not a professional as evidenced by the fumbling and continued on noting that we leave no man behind but leave no man  where we found them.  Further our mission is to Plant, Grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  I failed to ask if any new FNG’s were present, and we apparently had one SC who texted that his EH (Woodstock?) that he would skip.  We’ll get him eventually!

Music Playlist: see screen shot at the end or perhaps this link works


Formed a large circle in the street in front of the Flags only to be continuously interrupted by cars.  None the less, we safely performed some Sun Gods (Forward/backward), Big ones and Moroccan night clubs.


Music:  Starwars theme song

Pre Thang

Mosey’d on over behind the school onto the blacktop near a painted map of the United States for 

Geography class.  Pax created lines of approx. 6-8 guys by 3 deep.  Allowed room between Pax for Side Straddle Hops

1. Round the World Jumping Jacks (10 counted in order, rotate right 90 degrees, until facing forward completed 50 total).

2. 30 second Balls to wall / wall sit option

3. Round the world Jumping Jacks X50

Astronomy Class

1. Pax formed circle and hit their 6 to admire the stars while performing a few rounds of pax led core work.  Approx 5 or 6 core exercises IC x 15

Nap Time:

1. Duracell (Noted F3 burpee expert) led the pax in 10 Burpees

Childish behavior:  

We headed to the far side of the blacktop area to the playground where F3 Titan Alley led by Chernobyl were working thru their own beat down.  We attempted to provide moral encouragement to their efforts thru 30 monkey humpers and 5 oh yeahs at closeproximity.

Music:  Wonderful World (Herman’s Hermits), Another Brick in the Wall, Pt2 (Pink Floyd), Pinball Number Count (Pointer Sisters / Sesame Street), Hot for Teacher (Van Halen)


Mosey down to the Round About (Swiper was unhappy with me calling it a circle)

Recess – F3’d version of Duck Duck Goose

At the circle Pax broke apart into 3 groups of 6-8 Pax per group.  This session had one member of each Group serve as the “push” runner which meant running a lap around the circle while the remaining members did a peer led exercise of the group’s choice until push runner arrived.  Next runner departs and a new exercise was performed.  Each PAX ran between 2 and 3 laps depending on timing.

Music:  Hot for Teacher (Van Halen), Weird Science (OingoBoingo), Smokin’ in the Boys Room (Motley Crue), Grade 9 (Barenaked Ladies)

Mosey’d back up to Flags and turned right to first paved section of parking lot.

30 second plank to catch our breath followed by another round of 10 Burpees courtesy of Duracell

Geometry Class

Building Pyramids 5 Jump Squats, 10 step back lunges, 15 mountain climbers, 10 step back lunges, 5 squats (AMRAP – As many reps as possible)

Music:  Futures So Bright I gotta wear shades (Timbuk 3) ABC (Jackson 5)

We ended with Musical Merkins set to “Flower” by Moby.  Bring Sally Up / Bring Sally Down, the longest 3 minute 26 second song ever recorded.

Omaha was called as Omaha by Counting Crowes played.  We mosey’d back to the flags where YHC completely neglected Sarpy Slammers and moved right into…..

Announcements & Prayers:

● Freed to Bleed

● Prayers for my (Parsecs) Mom and medical team – recent seizure

● Prayers kept on our hearts

COT (Titan alley joined us for my COT)

Today I waxed poetic about Privilege.  Not the Privilege that has been across the media as far as from a political standpoint, rather that of the simple fact that I was privileged to be here.  To be your VQ today.  We are all privileged to be healthy enough to be out here day after day improving ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually.  We are therefore privileged to be able to share our motivation and positive attitudes with those around us.  But we must execute on doing so.  We must look for opportunities and execute on them.  From simply holding a door open for someone, helping a random person at Costco with their basket to bigger things that come our way.  We are privileged to be healthy enough to do these things so we should live up to that privilege afforded to us.  Let’s get out there and make a difference in the world and invite others into the F3 experience.

After coffeteria at Kum n Go there was plenty of What’s App mumble chatter discussing / defining what a Parsec is.  (A unit of length used to measure astronomical distances…look it up!)

As Han Solo would say…..I Got a Bad Feeling about this!



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