Octagon 8/14/23

Q: Biff

PAX: Scoober, Tugboat, Iced T, Tassels, Knoxville, Lansbury, Kielbasa, Tin Cup, Wentworth, Hooah, Slow Pitch, Samples, Pogo, Khakis, Oompa

F3 – Fitness Fellowship and Faith

5 Core Principles
         Open to all men
         Always Outside
         Led in a rotating fashion
         End with COT (Circle of Trust)

I am not a Professional! Modify as needed.

It was a beautiful 55 degrees out, felt just like fall.  Really great weather for an August beatdown.  

This is the first Q I have done since February and only the 2nd Q since I had back surgery in December.  The PAX were very welcoming and the intro went off without much of a hitch, just like riding a bike.

Warm-A-Rama Mosey behind the school while Knoxville told us about secret bat caves that happen to be back there when he was a student, we didn’t investigate today but maybe in the future.

Cherry Pickers (IC), Imperial Walkers (IC), Crunches, Big Ones (IC), Sun Gods forward and backward (IC)

Mosey back to the parking lot and stopped at the top of the stairs.  On their own the PAX did 20 Big Boys at the top of the stairs, run down the stairs do 20 Monkey Humpers (single count) then run up the hill back to the top of the stairs. We did about 5 rounds of this before Omaha was called and we moved onto the Thang.


Sprint (Walk) 25 yards and Do 25 Alternating Lunges, Bernie Sanders back to the Goal line

Sprint (Walk) to the 50 and do 50 Moroccan Night Clubs, Bernie Sanders back to the Goal line

Sprint (Walk) to the 75 and do 75 Squats, Bernie Sanders back to the Goal line

Sprint (Walk) to the hundred and do 100 Overhead Claps, Bernie Sanders back to the Goal line

Rinse and Repeat We got through a full two rounds, Khakis was crushing everyone and nearly completed 3 rounds.


Upper circle crunch

IC Kobe Crunch

IC Bent Knee wipers on down 29 Hammers

COT: Today’s COT dealt with a serious topic of suicide.  Prior to this summer, I had personally known only 1 person who had committed suicide.  Then in June and July there were 4 more!!!  The common thread between each of those deaths was that they were wall white males in their 40’s.  This hits close to home as I happen to fall in that category.  So thinking about that is quite sobering, according to statistics from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention the demographic with the highest rate of suicide are middle aged white males.  That tells me that many of us in F3 are in the toughest most challenging time of our lives.  Stress from work, family, and other expectations are tough to deal with and many of us may be exhausted from that battle.  But those of us in F3 know that we are there for each other, to pick each other up and to encourage each other.  If you yourself or someone you know are going through a tough time, be there for them, remind them that they matter and that there is always someone around to listen.  Call 1-800-273-8255, Send a text message to 741 741 or visit afsp.org/Nebraska.  I sent a text to this number at 5AM on Monday to prove that it worked and that someone is always there.  I immediately received a message of hope and encouragement. Thanks, Biff

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