Thursday, August 10, 2023George Russel Middle School5304 S 172nd Street Omaha, NE 68135

68 degrees – wind 2 MPH out of the southClear skies – humidity at 94%Moon phase: Waning Cresent Beautiful Morning!

37 PAX – Boji, Swiper, Stripes, Bogie, Lincoln Logs, Long Neck, Valasek, High Hat, Tax Man, Smelly Cat, Tonight Show, Farva, Vespa, Chickletts, DAAAA Fridge, Khakis, Tator Tot, Johnny Bravo (He fits the suit), Mrs. B, Ketchup, Milligan, Wait Time, Switch Foot, Cutting Edge, Oscar, Lazer Jet, Larry Legend (3X MVP), Sweet Sweet, Chicken Hawk, Romper Room, Hunger Man, Cannon, Vandelay, T-Ball, Ozark, Barn Door, Macanudo

5:30Macacudo welcomed the 36 other PAX to F3 and Iditarod.  He covered the five core principles, the mission statement, and credo without incident. Macanudo indicated he was a professional cigar smoker, grass cutter, and bass fisherman; however, he stated he was not an accredited fitness guru so he instructed the HIM to modify as needed. Sadly, there were no FNG’s this morning. 
The group gathered a respectable amount of coupons and made the short mosey to the football field.  The group circled up with Macanudo in the middle and the warm-a-rama ensued with the following exercises:

5:35*Side Straddle Hops – 24 in honor or Ricky Henderson (GOAT)*Tappy Taps – 12 in honor of Roger Staubach*Big Ones – 6 in Honor of Dr. J*Squats – 11 in honor of Danny White*Michael Phelps – 10 in honor of Francis Tarkinigton*Cherry Pickers – 8 in honor of Ray Guy

5:40 The Thang We started with the Vicious Circle – which received a lot of positive feedback – The PAX remained in the circle. Members had to shuffle around the outside of the circle while the rest of the squad completed LBCs, Freddie Mercury’s Flutter Kicks, and an occasional 6” to 90 degrees, to 45 degrees, and back to 6”.  Each member made one trip around the outside of the group.  

We then split up into groups of four and completed a four-man grinder.  Macanudo had several lights lined up which made the football field look like a landing stripe.  PAX members completed the following exercises in split groups of two:
Merkins, LBCs, Carolina Dry Docks, Freddie Mercury’s, Air Squats, Bonnie Blairs, Alternating Shoulder Taps, and Bobby Hurleys x 20.  One member did an exercise while his partner was in a plank.  
The other two team members carried a coupon across the width of the football field.  An additional coupon was located there as well.  Each individual completed the following exercises: Blockies, Squats, Overhead Press, and Curls x 10 reps – they were then required to carry one coupon back to their teammates.  This continued until “Omaha” was called.  6:02 – “Omaha” was called!  PAX members rallied the coupons, lights, and sheets and returned to the Shovel Flags.
Macanudo called for PAX to hit their six for American Hammers – Rancid Style – we counted off with a total of 37!
Macanudo dropped the ball on documenting the announcements – (Check Minus)
Prayers *Xavier in rehab.*Baby Joe having heart surgery today.*Young man who was in a motorcycle accident. *Jen fighting cancer*All students, administrators, teachers, and support staff heading back to school today.

COT Macanudo focused on three things: Gratitude, Caring, Confidence 
Very grateful for having great parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors throughout his life. He tries to show gratitude on a daily basis. 
Caring – The best advice he’s ever received came from a football coach  – Dennis Parker.  In order to be successful in anything you do in life, all you have to do is care more about it than other people think you should.  He thinks about and tries to model this advice on a daily basis.
Finally, never lose confidence.  Always believe in who you are, what you are, and where you are.  The best example of confidence he ever witnessed was when his wife was about to have surgery to remove a tumor near her brain.  The surgeon asked if Macanudo had any questions.  Mac stated he had one, “Are you any good at this?”
The doctor looked right at Macanudo and responded, without hesitation, “I’m the best.”  
Macanudo lead the group of HIM out in prayer.  
Many thanks to the 36 HIM who took time out of their day to make my VQ very special!  Bogi, thank you for the opportunity to lead.  Swiper, I am grateful for your persistence and friendship. I Love you all.

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