12/12/2018, Paradise Bakery Regency AO – Paradise Island

PAX:  The Plague, Wait Time, Point Break, Brazilian, Selleck, Truss

Q: The Plague

Welcomed 6 PAX to a zesty morning on Paradise Island. Reminded PAX that Plague is not a professional, be careful on the sandy beaches and make sure care keys are in a zipper pocket that is zipped.


The PAX moseyed to Dragons Ultra-Lounge (aka parking lot near trail entrance) for warm-a-rama.

  • Seal Jacks 20 IC
  • Hillbillies 20 IC
  • Pickle Pushers 20 IC
  • Arm Circles 10 IC each direction

Seaside Mosey

PAX moseyed around Stuart Cove (aka Regency Lake). Stopped at Fort Montagu (aka dog park) and circled up for a quick thang.

  • Triceps Dips 20 on the down
  • Incline Merkins – 20 on the down
  • Incline Mountain Climbers 20 IC

PAX continued mosey toward Parliament Square (aka Regency Park).

Upon arrival at Parliament Square, PAX stopped to perform Hillbillies 15IC and Arm Circles 10 IC (each direction).

  • Single Leg Lunges 10 on the down each side
  • Parker Peters 15 IC
  • Sumo Squats 30 on Selleck’s down

PAX then moseyed back to Paradise Island for CoT.



Circle of Trust:

  • The Plague discussed a recent devotional he read about seeking approval from others

So, how do we find our approval in Christ when it seems like there are so many other places to find it?

We have to be in God’s Word to know what God says about us. The next time you find yourself thinking that you’re not good enough, you don’t have what it takes, and no one will like the real you, remind yourself that those are lies straight from the enemy. And the only way to beat a lie is to replace it with truth.

The truth is that Satan wants to steal, kill, and destroy your life by trying to tell you that you’re a nobody. The Bible calls him the father of lies. But God desperately wants you to know that you are His kid, and you matter so much to Him. God’s Word says that you are chosen, you are called, and you are His masterpiece. The Bible says He is the Truth. So doesn’t that make sense that the father of lies would want to pull us further from the God of all truth?

So, what does that look like in our daily lives? Maybe it means limiting the time you spend on social media to stop playing the comparison game. Maybe it means serving others so you’re less focused on yourself. Maybe, for you, it means finding your favorite Bible verses and repeating them over and over again until they become louder than the lies you tell yourself.

Whatever it looks like for you, develop a game plan to beat the approval trap. Being consumed by what people say about you makes you forget what God knows about you.

Challenge: Find your game plan to stop seeking approval from people. Write it down, and live it out.

Key Scripture: John 10:10, John 1:12, 1 John 2:15-17, 2 Timothy 3:16, 1 Peter 2:9

Next F3 Event – 12/13/18 @ 0530 – The Maize AO –with Waffle House


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