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12/11/18, Stinson Park AO – Cornhusker Handicap

PAX: Waffle House, Tater Tot, The Plague, Bubbles, Tonight Show, Truss, Hootenany, Biggie Smalls, Big One, Walk On, Room Service, Saul, Selleck, Cyclone (respect), Wait Time, No Doze, Brazilian, Folsom, Placebo, Point Break

Q: Bubbles & The Plague

Bubbles welcomed 20 (that’s right an even 20) PAX to a brisk gloom at the Cornhusker Handicap. Bubbles & The Plague reminded PAX that they are not professionals and explained why they should not hold their breath. Bubbles & The Plague – get it?!?


The PAX moseyed to the 4th floor of the garage for the warm-a-rama.

  • Imperial Walker x20 IC
  • In and Out Squats – jump in squat, jump out squat 15 on down – Plague failed to lead the PAX in smooth count of this exercise so diverted to standard issue air squats 20 on the down
  • Heel to sky – 1 bent leg with other heel to the sky – 15 each leg on the up
  • SSH 21s – 1-5 out loud, 6-21 mentally everyone stop at 21 – 10 burpees OYO if not in sync. Several PAX were out of cadence which resulted in 10 burpees…darn ☹

THANG Part 1 – Morning Breath with Bubbles

PAX got into groups of 2 and moseyed to the other end of the 4th floor of the garage to perform the “Apple Turnover”

At One End

  • With partner, complete 5 Double Merkin Burpee (Burpee w/ 2 Pushups)
  • 10 Smurph Jacks IC with partner

Apple Turnover to the other end (3 parking spot lines bear crawl, 3 parking spot lines crab walk, 3 parking spot lines bear crawl)

At Other End

  • With partner 5 merkins high fives (pushup then high five in between pushup)
  • 10 Monkey Humpers IC with partner
  • 5 Mountain Climbers IC with partner

Lack of mumble chatter indicated that the beatdown was having the desired effect quickly. PAX repeated down and back x3.

THANG Part 2 – Circular Breathing with The Plague

PAX moseyed to 1st floor of the garage. PAX Circle up and perform exercises together – Circular Breathing – used by wind instrument players to produce a continuous tone w/o interruption. In through nose & out through mouth at the same time, using air in cheeks.

  • Perkins – plank jack with merkins – 15 on down
  • Jump Lunge Circle – on jump 10 full circles, alternate legs each down – The Plague quickly realized that the PAX were becoming dizzy after attempting about 1 ½ circles so diverted to standard issue jump lunges 20 IC. Note this was the second failure by the Plague during this event.
  • Inch worm – toe touch with walk out of hands x 4 full worms
  • Jump tucks – 15 on up
  • V- ups 15 on the waffle-house cadence – I say Waffle you say House

PAX moseyed to back to the shovel flags for MOM.

6 MOM:

  • Gas Pumps 15 IC – The Plague
  • Box cutters 15 IC – The Plague
  • V-up with twist 15 on up – The Plague
  • Windshield Wiper 15 IC – Bubbles (with assistance from big bro Tater Tot)
  • American Hammers 30 IC – Bubbles

Circle of Trust:

  • Bubbles discussed the Fencepost Turtle to illustrate how helping others can be fun.
    • How did the turtle get on top of the post? Someone else had to lift him up there
    • Take a moment to lift someone else up – keep it simple – send a text or not of encouragement even if you think it’s not important it may have an impact you’re unaware of
    • Bubbles commented that since joining F3 he has seen improvements in his attitude, relationships, including relationship with the M
  • Prayer requests
    • TAPs for brother TC who will be resting his foot for about 8 weeks. The PAX expressed great love and concern for TC and will continue to lift up prayers for quick healing.
    • Tonight Show closed the morning with a stupendous prayer.
  • Coffeteria held at Starbucks following the beatdown. Meet there for fellowship and pontification

Next F3 Event – 12/12/18 @ 0515 – Paradise Island – The Plague

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