December 13 – @MaizeF3 – Copperfields Park – 26° air temp crisp – 26° street temp SLICK-
PAX: 10 Strong: Wait Time, Brazilian, Tonight Show, Lemon Law, Bubbles, Crab Cakes, Cyclone(Respect), Waffle House, Point Break, The Plague.
Q: Waffle House
Waffle House welcomed the PAX to the comfort of the F3 tent.  A portion of the parking lot that was only 49.9% covered in black ice.  He provided the F3 mission statement and disclaimer.  PAX members had diligently (naked-man moleskin) completed their homework by listening to:
Joining hands in the middle up high, the PAX made a symbolic tent to start things off.
The PAX completed a BCTS – Bear Crawl Tent Squat – down the sidewalk to the B-Ball court. Two lines face to face, hands touching up high, squat IC.  The two PAX at the tail of the line, bear crawl through the tent moving toward B-ball court. Made it to the garbage can and moseyed the rest of the way to a beautiful dry ice free center court. Thanks Bubbles & Tater Tot!
SSH x 25 IC – Windmills 15 IC – Moroccan Nightclub
20 IC – Al Gore 10 count each PAX member – String Rippers 15 IC
Together We Follow- YHC reminded the PAX that when everyone on a team has the ability to complete a mission, and a clear understanding of the mission
Tentpole Leadership thrives- F3 style!  However, sometimes the mission isn’t even clear, that is when command and control thrives.  This is where our mission started.
Shield March IC back to the Flags.  Hand Chain long jumps 2 parking spaces.  Bear Crawl 2 parking spaces.  Plank 10 count each PAX member. Lunge 2 parking spaces. – Hand Chain long jump 2 parking spaces.
Follow the Leader- IC Scout run with hand in the air to illustrate that we all carry the load. Ending at the B-Ball court. Mumble chatter in the air & ice underfoot!
5x IC Smurfjack- sprint around Hard
5x IC Smurfjack- sprint around Soft
5x IC Smurfjack- sprint around Lone
5x IC Smurfjack- sprint around Pack
Hard- Bat Flipper:
5x each, 5 count recover, rinse & repeat, rotate
Drydocks, Diamonds, Americans, Workins
Soft- Sad Clown:
5x each, 5 count recover, rinse & repeat, rotate
Sun gods, FrankenSteins, Tappy Taps, Abe Vigoda
Lone- I277
5x each, 5 count recover, rinse & repeat, rotate
Bobby Hurley, High knee jump, Mountain climbers, Burpees
Pack- Happy Clown
5x each, 5 count recover, rinse & repeat, rotate
SSH, Imperial walkers, Lunge twist, Merkins
Omaha was called and PAX stayed in the ice free zone for 6MOM.
Heel Touches 15 IC, Heels to heavan 15 IC, LBCs 15 IC, Big boys 15 IC,
Hamers 15 IC (the intensity of the last exercise spun out of control when Point Break noted that the 70’s hit Dreamweaver was on auto play!)
Lemon Law shared that today is an important day for his family. His Mother will be entering in to hospice today after being diagnosed with liver cancer last week.  The family is hopeful that  she will not experience overwhelming pain in hospice.  The PAX stands beside Lemon Law and prays for his mother.
@f3horsetrack and @f3TheWoodshed Q: @mgarland33 the Big One.
YHC shared the 4 square diagram that provides space for men of all shapes, sizes and dispositions in the F3 tent.  YHC then reminded all that the tent pole is a useful means to promote and guide balance in to the tent/PAX.
Closing prayer.
Waffle House AYE!
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