Date: 12.15.2018.

AO: The Oracle

 PAX: Dufresne, Compost, Stretch, Lemon Law, Vandelay, Crab Cakes, Tater Tot, Wait Time, Room Service, Grease Monkey, Coach K, The Big One, The Plague, No Doze, Sour Dough, Gipper, Lowman, Cyclone (RESPECT!), Ponzi, CSI, Seleck, Reba, FNG-Adam Hood (6-Shooter), Honey Stinger, Placebo

QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: 22 degrees, clear skies, and crunchy ground.

YHC welcomed 26 fine HIM including 1 FNG back to the standard operating quarters for The Oracle.  Pax were welcomed, reminded of the mission and given the standard disclaimer.  All Pax were warned today was designed to be hard… very hard. YHC wanted everyone to know they had accomplished something once they were done.  With that we moseyed to the baseball field near the market for…


1.       SSH * 15 (Some lazy counting took place which led some pax to stop early. My bad)

2.       Imperial Walkers * 15

3.       Hillbillies * 15

4.       Tappy-Taps * 10 

5.       Tater-Taps * 10 – This has a nice right to it, am I right TaterTot? #F3Exicon

After completing the warm-o-rama it was time for the pre-THANG.  (Full credit for this routine to Mike Rashid – Though I changed some names to F3 it up a little bit)

Pre-THANG (Warrior Merkins)

1.       Howl at the moon * 6

2.       Hand touch merkin * 6

3.       Knee to chest merkin * 6

4.       Side Plank merkin * 6

5.       Diamond merkin * 6

6.       Plometric merkin * 10 (If you had it in you still, otherwise 10 standard merkins)

This ended with lots of #mumblechatter about doing one too many #murphs.  Pax collected themselves and resumed a mosey to the football field where Pax were greeted with standard cinderblock coupons for a delightful 3-man grinder and Christmas Jamz chosen by YHC and speakers supplied by The Plague.  Spotify Link Here There were an assortment of coupon exercises at one sideline of the football field, ab exercises at the opposite sideline, and the 3 Pax would run around the field to the next station to relieve teammember from doing AMRAP exercises.

* Side note here: One of the things I find amazing about F3 is the entire nation becomes an extended brotherhood. YHC reached out to Tommy Boy with F3Greensboro after seeing a tweet about doing a 3 grinder with coupons.  It was the same idea I was working on and within seconds that #HIM had shared his BB which served as the inspiration for this workout, though I wanted more running than he had designed. *Return to regularly scheduled programming


Station 1: Everything with a coupon

1.       Clean and press

2.       Curls

3.       Goblet squat

4.       Skull crushers (Tricep extension)

5.       Lunge twist

6.       Three-way merkin (Uneven merkin left, diamond merkin, uneven merkin right) *Decided a better name would be menage merkin

7.       Block swing (Kettlebell swing)

8.       Bent over row

9.       Block bench press

Rinse and repeat

Station 2:

1.       LBC

2.       Gas pumpers

3.       Freddie mercury

4.       Box cutters

5.       Rosalita

6.       Low Dolly

7.       Captain Thor (1 big boy sit-up – 4 American Hammers)

8.       Starfish Crunch (right arm up-left leg, left arm-right leg)

9.       World war I sit up

Rise and repeat


Omaha was called with most Pax at either the 8thor 9th exercise and all Pax moseyed back to the shovel flags for…


Steinl – Yeah you heard that right… Steinl * 2

·         Low plank * 30 sec

·         High plank * 30 sec

·         Merkins * 10

·         Amazing Spider man * 10

·         Merkins * 10

With that it was time for the COT.

Wait Time let the group know The Oracle, the original f3 Omaha AO, has not had a true Site Q since it launched.  This needed to be rectified and Lowman would take over the role.  He is a #HIM in every sense.  He has poured into the Omaha Pax and will make a great site Q.

Lemon Law thanked the Pax as he has had a great deal of support since his mom passed away yesterday.  He is heartbroken but overwhelmed by the brotherhood his family has experienced.  CSI shared that his co-worker had lost his brother… TAPS for both these men.

TAPS for TC who is out again with a broken bone that didn’t heal as he hoped it would.

It isn’t too late to donate to Abide For more details on items to purchase and donate to the Abide Store click here for donation registry ideas.

Finally, YHC shared the difference that my faith, specifically following Jesus Christ, has made in my life.  I was a very self-centered person with little regard for others.  After being introduced to a life of following Christ I experienced a profound impact, not thinking less of myself but thinking of myself less and others more.  Where I expected to find judgement, I found acceptance.  Where I expected to find a to-do list I found grace.  This hasn’t meant there are no hypocrites, there are plenty and much to my disappointment, sometimes I’m one of them.  At Christmas I wanted to share that 2000 years ago God did something unique in human history and stepped into this world to show us “hard truth and ridiculous grace.”  This freedom is something I would hope for every man.

“…And then, just when everything is bearing down on us to such an extent that we can scarcely withstand it, the Christmas message comes to tell us that all our ideas are wrong, and that what we take to be evil and dark is really good and light because it comes from God. Our eyes are at fault, that is all. God is in the manger, wealth in poverty, light in darkness, succor in abandonment. No evil can befall us; whatever men may do to us, they cannot but serve the God who is secretly revealed as love and rules the world and our lives.” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Merry Christmas and Aye!

Tonight Show

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