5:30  30 PAX met at shovel flag as Swinger came in hot from set up and a couple of minutes late.  Tclaps to Folsom, HoneyStinger and Toadstool for helping out.

Swinger introduced himself and made it through the 5 pillars, and mission statement and neglected what the 3 Fs are.

The warm-up South endzone goal line to 15 yards. Bernie sanders back to the goal line:


Butt kickers

Super Mario

Bear Crawl


30 air squats


We did a presentation on yoga poses- down dog, Warrior 1&2, and reverse warrior 2.


Snake the bleacher steps and finished at the north endzone:

Then yoga- down dog, right foot to right thumb warrior one 5 breaths, then warrior 5 breaths then reverse warrior 2 5 breaths.  Circle back to down dog and 10 merkins. Left foot left thumb, repeat process, circle back to plank 10 merkins.  Mosey to the south endzone then to steps.  Rinse Repeat til OMAHA.

Mary- 30 INC imperial walkers

Announcements and Prayer intentions…

COT Raise your hand in the air as high as you can…  everyone did, now reach a little higher, everyone did, NOW reach even higher, everyone did tip toes and all everyone did.

Ball of man- a few words… Coffee

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