Facy Feast : 03/31/2023 – 3 seconds
AO: Fancy Feast
61 degrees! Slight breeze, 83% humidity
PAX: Dr. Thunder, Mufasa, Duracell, Crowd Source, Peg Leg, Sweet Roll, Farva, Chippendale, Kryptonite,
Bambi, Urkle, Busser, Thomas, Speed Square, Oscar, Painkiller, Moped, Picasso, Kickstand, Long Neck,
Hard Hat, Griswold, Lite Brite, Low Flow
Q: Low Flow
10 – SSH’s
10 – Sun Gods 5F/5R
10 – Big One’s
10 – Tappy Tap’s
Pre Thang: Around the turf field
1 lap then 10 Burpee’s / ½ Lap 10 Burpee’s, 10 Alt. Shoulder Taps / ½ Lap 10 Burpee’s, 10 Alt.Shoulder
Taps, 20 Air Squats (low and slow) / 1 Lap around ending at the 50 yd line where we circled up for the
The Thang: 3 man Grinder
Exercises at each goaline (100 yds) with a 5 Burpee stop at the 50
North goaline exercises: 5 – Burpee’s, 15 – LBC’s, 20 – Mountain Climber’s, 15 – Big Boy’s, 20 – X Factor’s,
15 – WW1’s, 20 – Flutter kicks, 5 – Navy Seal Burpee’s
South goaline exercises: 5 – Burpee’s, 20 – Merkin’s, 30 – Air Squat’s, 20 – Werkin’s, 30 – Alt. Lunge’s, 20
– Diamond Merkin’s, 30 – Monkey Humper’s, 5 – Navy Seal Burpee’s
15 – LBC’s
15 – Flutter Kick’s
24 – Sarpy Slammer’s
5 year anniversary April 22
Prayer’s were said

I was listening to a Podcast that had a Navy Seal as a guest and he told a story that really burned into my
brain about a time they were raiding a village looking for a high value target. He made his way onto a
rooftop of a mud hut where he found a man sleeping next to a rifle. As he made his way to the man
getting within a couple of feet noises throughout the village woke the man to which he then spotted the
Seal and grabbed his rifle. The Seal described himself looking like an alien with all of his gear on,
different color of skin, different language, different beliefs, different everything. He then described the
man on the rooftop as looking like a caveman with worn out clothes no shoes sleeping on dirt roof. So as
the man grabbed his rifle and started raising it towards the Seal he stopped and dropped it to then the
seal grabbed, cuffed and interrogated him to find out this guy is not a threat to him or anyone else he
was just on the roof trying to hold security to protect his family so he let him go. The Seal would get in
trouble for letting him go but it was actually the right decision. Fast forward to a week or so later the Seal
is in a market when a guy comes running up to him thanking him over and over as it turns out it was the
“caveman” from the rooftop! The man asked him to come to his home where they talked eventually
became friends and started working together. That Seal gave the caveman 3 seconds to make the right
decision and ended up being a great one. We as a society need to start giving each other “3 seconds”
and not be so quick to judge people on the color of their skin, their political belief’s or anything else that
might be different in ways we don’t agree with. Different is good, different is what makes this world a
great place and we need to start embracing it instead of pushing it away.
Aye, Low Flow

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