Thursday, March 30, 2023 | Memorial Park AO | Futurama | 5:30 AM | 31 degrees and strong breeze (feels like 21)

PAX: Slow Pitch, Good Lookin’, Hipster, Rocket, Side Dish, Bull Husky, Predator, Woody, Snowman, Caruso, Sandy Cheeks, Stitches, Beeps, Rooster, Khakis, Hooah, Toad Stool, Rancid, Polaroid, E-85, Tater Tot, Mac & Cheese, Flying V, Ozark, Mr. Rogers, Demagorgan, Spreadsheet, Dial-Up, and Wait Time.

YHC welcomed the PAX to Futurama. We were delighted to host two downrange PAX from F3Phoenix [Welcome Mr. Rogers and Bully Husky], a first time Futurama poster [Ozark], and a Kotter [Welcome back Dial-Up]. Upon reviewing the mission statement, principles and disclaimer, the shit show began. It was an honor to be the ringmaster of the show.

We moseyed to the north statue for Warm-A-Rama.
SSH x 15 IC | Shoulder Taps x 10 IC | Half Pigeon | Merkins x 10 | Half Pigeon | Garland Pose | Monkey Humpers x 10 IC | Reverse Plank (Shoulder Stretch) | Crab Cakes x 10 IC

We moseyed to the southwest section of the driveway circle for the PRE-THANG.

Plank x 30 | Chilcutt Plank x 30 | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman x 10 IC | Merkins x 10 | Plank x 30 | Chilcutt Plank x 30 | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman x 10 IC | Merkins x 10


The PAX crossed the driveway to the stairs to find a menagerie of coupons [sandbags, kettlebells and a cinderblock]. PAX divided into groups of three for a three-man grinder. Station #1 had a series of exercises to be completed with a coupon [AMRAP]:

Copperhead Squats | Shoulder Squats | Full Body Crunch | Lunge with Twist | Johnny Drama | Big Boy Sit Up | Uneven Merkins

Station #2 was located down the stairs and on the sidewalk path. This station included the following exercises [AMRAP]:

Plank Jacks | Turkish Get-ups | Shoulder Taps | Alarm Clocks | Burpees | Merkins | Apolo Ohno

We called Omaha! and PAX moseyed inside the circle for 6MOM.

6MOM: Silent SSH x 20 | Burpee Penalty x 3 | American Hammers x 29 (Rancid Style)

Bon Voyage Bovine. Our friend and high impact man, Bovine, is moving to Western Nebraska and plans to manage his family farm. Bovine will be Qing Ironwood on Monday April 3. It will be is final workout before moving. Let’s send off Bovine with some blessings.
Side Dish Farewell. Our friend and high impact man, Side Dish, is moving away from Omaha in April. We wish to send off Side Dish with blessings. Stay tuned for time and date.
F3Omaha 5th Anniversary Celebration Week. The fun begins the Week of April 16. The week culminates with a convergence workout at Boys Town on Saturday April 22. Email info being sent to PAX for more details. This is a great time to EH and FNG [begin EHing now!] Also, consider purchasing a copy of “Freed To Lead.” Even if you have read the book, buy a copy and share it with a new PAX member.

PRAYERS: Richard [Demogorgan’s neighbor], for those individuals suffering from mental illness.

COT: NATIONAL TAKE CONTROL DAY [and the need for surrendering]

When I lead a workout, I often check the “National Day of” Calendar to see if any significant designations exist on the day that I Q. If appropriate, I might theme the workout or the COT around the significance of the day. Ironically, today is National Take Control Day. It is a day loved by people like me, control freaks.

I celebrate ‘taking control’ nearly everyday of the year, so a national day is really not serving as any reminder. Instead, this day reminds me for the need to surrender my compulsion to control my life. Lately, I have been taught hard lessons about ‘control’ and ‘patience.’ The irony that my F3 name is Wait Time is not missed in this lesson that I seem to be undergoing in this season of my life.

Yesterday, I joined the Q Source discussion at Paradise Island. I always learn so much at Q Source. Yesterday, we talked about our 2.0s. Some of the PAX – me included – are in a difficult situation with our kids. One of our high impact men offered the importance of always doing the right thing even when we know it may not be received in the way that we hope it would be received by other people. That is because we cannot control how other people respond to us.

I am grateful for the high impact men that I stand alongside every morning in the gloom. I am grateful for the reminders that I cannot control everything that seems like a shit show in my life. It was an honor leading this morning’s shit show in the gloom.

We ended in prayer.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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