AO: Steel Mill  

March 30th, 2023

33 degrees, breezy, partially cloudy, great day to get swole.

PAX: Chernobyl, Sweet Roll, Busser, Pork Chop, Duracell, ICB, Big Rig, Shocker, Bobsled, Knobs, Low Flow, G-String, Stranglehold, Levee, Footsteps, Beans, Napster, Shingles, Dozer, Animal House, Mr. Hanky

Q: Roadhouse

I sent the text on February 14th to Duracell. Fitting that it was on Valentine’s Day, a day of love. I asked him if I could get on the Q schedule at the Steel Mill. He responded more enthusiastically than I expected. We agreed on March 30th, and I got back on with my day.

As the date grew nearer and nearer, I started feeling a little anxious. This anxiety existed for one major reason…. I don’t lift weights. Wait, let me start over, I don’t own weights. During the week leading up to the Q, I did two things in preparation. 1. Borrow some weights from my man Big One! Thanks brother! 2. Google searched “Dumbbell Exercises”. This is how little I know about this topic.

But if you ain’t growing you’re dying so I figured it was time to get weird with some weights.

I turned left onto Lincoln at 4:50 AM and was immediately confused. There was a group of pre-runners in front of me. Hold on. Do these guys pre-run the pre-run? Holy Shit! Then as I turned into the lot I saw a group of Ruckers finishing up. Did they pre-ruck a pre-run? And let me stop right there. Can we just acknowledge the beast like qualities of this Sarpy group? These guys have an extra gear and it is inspiring to see! It is also the reason I only make it to Sarpy once a quarter. I can’t keep up…

I met up with a group of guys and did the Love run. 2.14 miles and all flat. It was a perfect start to the morning. Then I got set up and by set up I mean I placed two pieces of paper on the ground in two different spots.

By 5:30, the pre-runners were back and the rest of the PAX was waiting. There were 22 of us and we were ready! Some of the guys I knew well and was so happy to see. Others I met for the first time. There were a few fairly new guys in the group as well. This was going to be fun!

I stumbled through the intro. 3 Fs. 5 core principles. I forgot the mission and credo. I did emphasize the fact that I was not a professional.

It was time for warm-a-rama!


SSH’s 15

Big Ones 20 total

Imperial Walkers 10

Cherry Pickers 10

Sun Gods 20

After warm-a-rama, it was time for some of these new guys to feel uncomfortable. It was time for a sexy pre-thang. I instructed the group that we would start with Pickle Pushers and I HIGHLY encouraged that you make eye contact during… I made the mistake of choosing Bobsled…. This guy is gorgeous, and I immediately lost count as I thrusted towards the earth. I think we did around 15 and I was discombobulated after looking into Bobsled’s eyes.

Sexy Pre Thang:

15 Pickles pushers

15 Pickle pointers

15 Monkey Humpers

20 Slow Pitches

Now that we were feeling sexy, it was a perfect time to grind! The THANG was a 2-man grinder. At station one across the road, all CORE BABY! That was for you Chernobyl. And station 2, under the awning, a list of Dumbbell exercises that I had earlier that week googled. Let’s go!


Station 1: Core

Heels to Heaven


Starfish Crunches


Freddy Mercuries

Flutter Kicks

Big Boys

Station 2: Weights

Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell Lunge

Dumbbell Flys

Dumbbell Calf Raises  

Arnold Presses

Dumbbell Squats

Renegade Row- Merkin with row

Dumbbell Swing

The Thang was a blast and full of mumblechatter. The best part was as the two groups changed stations there were high fives and ass slapping and just a bunch of encouragement. You come for the first F but you stay for the second…

At 6:05, Omaha was called, and we circled up for some more core. Mary!


Gas Pumpers

Dying Cockroaches

Box Cutters

Sarpy Slammers- Rancid Style  

The beatdown was over. We did it!


Name-a-rama was fairly smooth. I dropped an F bomb at the end and I know Tater Tot hates that. Sorry brother, I was just feeling so swole that I could not help myself.


5 Year anniversary on April 22nd. Be there!


Knobs mom, Mrs. Austin, is in the hospital with pneumonia.

Chernobyl’s sister had a baby last night. Baby is 3.5 lbs. Keep baby and mom in prayers.

Napster‘s dad had a stroke and is recovering.


My son Bodhi turns 5 on Saturday and it has led to a week of reflection for me. I cannot believe he is five years old. It feels like he was just born yesterday and yet, I don’t remember my life before him. It is an odd feeling. Being a dad has been a journey for me. One that has been full of doubt and emotion, joy and learning. But it has been my greatest role and the best feeling I have ever had in my life.

Early on in the role, I had a lot of fear about being a good dad and doing things the right way. I was scared that I would disappoint Bodhi and not fill the role that he needed me too. This led me to do a lot of reflecting on my time with him. What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? How can I be better? And while I thought this reflection would help me get better as a dad, it ended up feeling like I was rating myself after each visit and I found myself beating myself up over missteps and dad fails.

It was then that someone gave me some advice. They told me to stop grading myself as a dad and to simply be in the moment and enjoy it. And I have to tell you, it changed everything. Now instead of looking back at every detail of our time together and analyzing how I did, I just stay in the moment with him and it is remarkable.

We laugh and dance and talk and every day, we get better together. My role as a dad is the most important one I have ever had and while I am a work in progress, I feel like I am doing ok. Bodhi is happy and healthy and loves with his entire being.

As dads, we can get busy. We can focus too much on work. We can get down on ourselves about our ability as parents. But at the end of the day, it comes down to being there. Be there for your kids. Because the ROI and being there is immeasurable.

Being a dad is the hardest thing I have ever done but it is the best thing and its not even close. So, if you are a dad, reflect on your role and find the fun in it. Find the honor in it. And just be there. And if you aren’t a dad, go out and make a baby because it is fucking awesome!

I love you guys!

Roadhouse. CLB

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