PAX (15): Space Bar, Folsom, Safe Ride, Good Looking, Hipster, Mulligan, Snowman, Predator, Woody, Caruso, Spreadsheet, Pig Pen, Doll Face, Short Circuit, Hoser

Pre-runners (LOTS): No idea.

FNGs: None

Q: Hoser

0530 sharp and PAX were welcomed to Heavy Metal where the Q had to start off the beat down on a sad note.  After a late night of carefully curating a face-melting metal soundtrack to go along with the clang of the weights, the Q had to break the news that his phone would not connect with the speaker, and thus, no music to mosh too.  In lieu of Metallica’s For the Whom the Bells Toll, we began the events.   

We led off with the F3 Mission Statement, credo, and Core Principles. No FNGs present.  And most importantly the Q is not a professional.

0535 and we are off for a quick weight free mosey to the main stage where the amphitheater’s acoustics would have matched perfectly with Tool’s Stinkfist and the Warm-A-Rama.              

  • SSH, Imperial Walkers, Tappy Taps, Cherry Pickers, and some Michael Phelps

0540 should have kicked off the beatdown with some Rage Against the Machine, followed by Helmet, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Primus, and System of a Down. We moseyed back, picked up our weights, and moseyed to the benches for the Thang and a reverse pyramid.

3 rounds of descending reps – 20,18,16, …, 2 of the following. 

  • Round 1 – Step ups, Merkins, Rows, Arnold Press, Lateral hops, Curls, Skull Crushers, V Ups, Thrusters, and Burpees.  Followed by a lap around the bell tower.
  • Round 2 – Squats, Derkins, Gorilla Rows, Side Raises, Lateral Hops, Static Curls, Dips, E to K, Thruster, and Burpees.  With another lap around the tower.
  • Round 3 – Goblet squats, Sven press, Back Fly, Y press, Lateral Hops, Reverse Grip Curls, Overhead Triceps extension, DB side plank raises, Thrusters, and Burpees.  And another lap. 

0600 – With our bodies melted instead of our faces wrecked, we picked up the weights and moseyed to the flags for a little post-Thang

              The post-Thang consisted of the Burnout Challenge mosh pit.  Our music of choice would have been Korn with a cooldown of a Sevendust ballad.  The burnout mosh pit involved working our muscles to failure with the last man standing-ish picking out the next muscle group and exercise.  Followed by a round of good old American Hammers.

0610 – Name-A-Rama, a few prayers were given, the Q had a follow-up to a prayer he asked for back in December that ended with a positive outcome, and the announcements – F3 Convergence on 04/22/2023 at the Oracle


Since the new year, I’ve been focusing a lot on habits and discipline.  I shared with my M that several people doing 75 Hard and we should do it together to hold each other accountable.  She said that was stupid but we negotiated to set out to do 45 Medium.  Only 45 days, one workout a day, but the rest was all the same. Neither one of us wanted the other to win and we pushed each other to move each day, hold ourselves accountable, and set a new healthy habit.  47 days later, we left for vacation and had our first sip of alcohol.  Not gonna lie, it was delicious.  But the workouts have continued and we still push ourselves daily to be our best selves.  Find your habit.  Hold yourself accountable.  Do hard things. 

Pray us out Doll Face. 


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