PAX: Hard Hat, Unicycle, Armbar, Bayside, Barn Door

Q: Barn Door

I arrived to the AO precisely at 4:27 am and found that Unicycle and Hard Hat had already taken off for the 10k pre-run. And, I was OK with that as those HIM love to run fast and I need to conserve some energy for my Q. 

After joining them for the 5k pre-run, which turned into a 4 miler, I returned back to the shovel flags with 2 minutes to spare. I offered up the Core principles, Mission, Credo, and disclaimer. 

We skipped right over Warm o Rama as I was ready to get to action, in all honesty I just forgot. 


I explained to the PAX that we were just going to be running today, but we had two methods of running. When I yelled “Single”, we’d form a single file line with the line zig-zagging back and forth from edge to edge of the road/path while the PAX at the back of the line would Indian run to the front of the line. When I yelled “Double”, we’d form two lines, side by side and run in a straight line.

For the most part these guidelines were followed. Some excessive speed was used during the Indian run.

We got back to the shovel flags early, since I forgot about WOR, so we planked until the six arrived, called a slow 10 count, and then attacked the loop back down to the Maize site and up Atlas once more. 

6MOM consisted of:

  • Unicycle lead us in gas pumpers.
  • Armbar lead us in crunchy frogs.
  • Barn Door lead us in American Hammers.


  • CSAUP Jan 28th with Lincoln Logs leading
  • Jan 2023 Halfway House will be hosted by Hard Hat starting at the Maize. Jan. 29th.
  • Join the Burpee and Murph challenges happening in January.


  • No prayers were expressed today.

Circle of Trust:

In England, it is not uncommon to see “wavy” brick walls. Interestingly, the design uses fewer bricks than a straight wall. A straight wall that is just one brick thick is not sturdy enough to stand alone & can be easily toppled, so they generally have a thickness of at least two or more layers of bricks, & are also reinforced at regular intervals with vertical posts serving as buttresses. But a wavy “one-brick” wall stands just fine on its own due to the arch support provided by its shape, which combines both wall & buttress. Such a structure is called a “crinkle crankle wall” “the Old English version of “zig zag”.

I view this as an analogy to life. Life doesn’t go smoothly in a straight line. There are ups and downs, but that makes you stronger.


Barn Door

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