Elmwood Park
December 30, 2022

24 degrees / NW 2mph / Clear (nice)

This was my first post at The Woodshed. I was excited. I left super early so I would have some time to survey this magnificent AO. I confirmed that we would use the Pavilion and then found a nice hill for the Thang. I set up my lights and clipboards and then walked around to explore. As I returned, it looked like Samples and Stella were returning from a prerun. I was greeted by my brother Bovine. I was really looking forward to this Q because I was once part of the Friday Site Q Pax. I was able to do site q swaps with Golden Spike (Mother Goose), The Farm (Ferdinand), The Brickyard (Huffy), and The Combine (LPC). But I just wasn’t able to get that done with Bovine. He will pass the flag in January to out international man of mystery and tailgating master, Stapler (T-Claps!) so I was super glad to get this Q done right at the end of the year.

I recognized some Pax and met some new ones. Great group of men! Here we go…

Trading Places” (1983) dir. John Landis and starring Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd, and Jamie Lee Curtis

This is F3.

QIC: Gator.

F3 Mission Statement: Plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership.
Credo: Leave no man behind, leave no man where you found him.
Today’s featured movie is “Trading Places”

5 Core Principles – F3 and Trading Places

  1. We don’t cost one dollar, which is what the Duke brothers bet each other, Instead, we are FREE
  2. Unlike to Heritage Club, We are Open to ALL men
  3. We are always OUTSIDE, like beachgoers in the Virgin Islands
  4. We are led by our peers in a ROTATING fashion – in other words: we TRADE PLACES
  5. We always end in a COT – Circle of Trust (not Commodities Or Trading)
    Not a professional. (Obviously). No FNGs.
    Burpee Trivia rules: correct answers are 7 bobby hurley’s, while incorrect answers are 7 burpees.
    • Burpee Trivia #1:
      Q: In the movie, a former SNL cast member and United States Senator has a cameo in the movie as a baggage handler on the New Year’s Eve train?

Our man ROCKET was ready rock it on this trivia challenge. He correctly answered:

A: Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.)

Rocket led us in Bobby Hurleys x 7

This is not Rocket. This is Al Franken as the Baggage Handler and later a U.S. Senator.

Mosey to the grass by the picnic tables for….

FCOJ Pickers x 15IC (Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice)

Gorilla Humpers x 15IC (Jim Belushi has a cameo as guy in a gorilla suit)
Big Boys x 15 (for all of those who went “belly up” on pork bellies)
ATMs x 10 (we need to get some cash for the workout)

Pre-Thang #1: The Market DIPS sometimes…

DIPS x 40 (legs at 90 degrees x 10; Right leg up x 10; Left leg up x 10; legs out on heels x 10)

Mosey to the Pavilion for….
Pre-Thang #2: The Wall Street Pyramid
5 Australian Mt. Climbers IC
10 Chicken Peckers IC
15 Donkey Kicks

10 count
15 Donkey Kicks
10 Chicken Peckers
5 Australian Mt Climbers
Burpee Trivia #2:
Q: In the movie, Winthorpe tries to pawn his watch that tells time in Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Rome, and Gstaad. What city does the movie take place in? (Note: the Q was so winded that he had an “I’m not as think as you drunk I am” moment and switched the words around in asking this question)

Rocket was out of this world in naming the correct location:

A: Philadelphia

Rocket led us in Bobby Hurleys x 7

Mosey to the hill by the parking lot for…
Tha Thang: Bear Market Trading Places Grinder!
One Pax bear crawls up the hill and does 5 burpees and then runs back to TRADE PLACES with his partner and do the following
Tempo Merkins
Air Squats
Imperial Walkers
Norris, Chuck Merkins
Gorilla Humpers

Low Dollies
Alabama Ass Kickers
Down on all fours, kick each leg individually up and back. 4-count on each leg – 1 up, 2 extend, 3 back to up position, 4 down.
Carolina Dry Docks
Squat, then lunge right leg, and left leg
Sumo Squats

I got to have some great mumble chatter with my partner Stella (lawyers paired up together is risky), Sandy Cheeks (this guy can bear crawl), and Samples (we shared knee injury stories – respect!). We made it to Gorilla Humpers when the Q wanted to know who came up with this absurd workout. Once he realized the answer, he quickly called OMAHA!

Mosey back to where we did WOR…
Burpee Trivia #3:
Q: In the movie, Dan Aykroyd sneaks into the office Christmas party to try and frame Eddie Murphy. He is wearing a costume as a disguise. What was he dressed as?

No hesitation from our man SAMPLES (respect) – correct answer!

A: Santa Claus.

Samples led us in Bobby Hurleys x 7
Core Stienel

PAX: (10) Samples (respect), Merch, Bovine, Honey Stinger, Stella, Rocket, Sputnik, Sandy Cheeks, Good Lookin’, and Gator.


Brickbuilder coming up soon…

Buffalo Trace Nugent bottle is available

Winter CSAUP and Murph Challenge in January

Slack Channel for 75 Hard


Biff as he recovers from surgery

Merch’s co-worker Brandy

Tin Cup

COT: Merry New Year!
This time last year, I was in the best shape of my life. I was posting 6 days a week, prerunning, and going for long runs on the weekend. I felt great. I was thinking it would be a Merry New Year!
Then I got injured. And it has been almost an entire year that I have dealt with this injury. All I wanted to do was “trade places” with the me just before I got injured. I had a hard time accepting what I needed to do: Not post, to get well. But stay connected with F3 by going to coffee. And ask for help from the PAX.
Most of the year I didn’t do these things. I was just upset that I couldn’t workout, run, and have the life I was living before.
Instead of making the best of my situation, doing what I needed to do, and being grateful for all the things I had, I just reverted to being a SadClown.
Going into the New Year, I feel better equipped to tackle the obstacles of 2023 that have yet to reveal themselves. Mostly because I know that I can lean on my brothers when have a problem. I would encourage you this year to make a resolution to share your problems with the PAX and not try to keep it all to yourself.

With gratitude,

Samples took us out in prayer. (Thank you, brother)

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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