1/3/23 The Catamount Complex – Do what you don’t want to.

AO- Gross High

Q- Slow Pitch

6 PAX: Farva, Black Tuesday, Low Flow, Ditty, G-String, Slow Pitch 

How the Gloom got started: The Q got there around 5:00 AM and pulled down the street that he knew was a little long, a little hilly and had some speed bumps. This was 43rd street, straight out the exit of the school. He had been thinking about this road since he left a workout one morning and hit a camouflaged speed bump at a good rate of speed. There were words said and an elevated heart rate. We were coming back here is what he thought. So, on this gloom, he set out kick-ass light up cones at six different locations; four at the bumps, two flanking the ends of the stretch he desired to run at the top of two hills. When the Q was placing the last cone, he saw some dude with a light and a backpack walking towards him, so he hurried and hopped in the car and drove to the parking lot.  He ran to the back of the school to see if the hill was too wet and slick for coupons, if carried while running. It was. Slow Pitch ran back to the lot and here cam that guy with the light and backpack. Ah, it was Ditty. It was also drizzling. 

At 5:15 the Q was getting started and 3 Pax members came running in a minute late from their Smurph. The Q asked everybody to get moving by running in place,some shuffle the feet. Basic nonsense while also trying to state the mission statement and the core principles of F3.

Mission Statement and Principles of F3: Free of Charge, Open to all men, held outdoors, led in a rotating fashion and it ends in a COT. 

We’re ready to go!

Mosey to back of school on the hill.

The Q asked everyone to pair up for the Pre Thang.


One partner stayed at bottom of hill to AMRAP failure to launch using a ten count, while their partner Bernied up the hill to do 5 Burpees at the top and return. This shit was dangerous on the way down. There was a real chance of injury and the Q tried proving it each time. We went until his alarm went off.

The Thang:

We Moseyed across the street from the exit of the school and stopped at the kick-ass, light up cone at the top of 43rd street. There were exercises listed on the sheet, Merkins, Groiners, Bobby Hurleys, with 25 reps each. Farva got in the ready position at the top of the hill, which isn’t what the Q had planned, but Free to Lead. We then went to each speed bump and did 25 reps at each. We were to stop at the last cone, but Farva suggested to run all the way to Harry. This was the Q’s original plan but decided against it when he saw how far away it was. Well, Free to Farva. Let’s go.  The Q recognized the guys he was working out with are physical stallions. They just don’t get tired, Slow Pitch does.

6:10 Omaha

We ran back to the flags where we did the ball of energy during the Namarama. The Q loves this!

Prayers: Hamlin, Retreat, 

Announcements: CSAUP, Murph Challenge, Apex

COT: The Q started off 2023 waking up and going back to bed instead of going to the Rabbit Hole like he had planned. He was pissed at himself that for the first day of the year, when he faced a challenge, he turned around and avoided doing the hard thing that would make him better. He talked about how his life only improves if he walks towards the hard things and not retreat. The moral of the story: If the Q turns away from difficult situations, rather than face them, he is going to be upset at himself and not grow. He is in such a better place when he is accomplishing items that are a challenge. Thank you for your accountability and being here this morning!

Prayer: Low Flow with real good words!

Small workout groups is where it’s at! – Slow Pitch

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