AO – Wild Kingdom
Q – Ketchup
PAX: Thomas, Al Borland, Switch Foot, Larry the Legend, Sweet Sweet, Obi Wan, Bambi, Mac….a….nudo, Yodel, Pain Killer, Boji, Picasso, Lincoln Logs, Brad Pitt, Vlassic, Griswald, Escobar, Kick Stand, Mr. Myagi, Chicken Hawk, Unicycle

The Q Kicked off the festivities promptly at 5:30 where he stated the mission statement, five core principles, disclaimer and credo. Q asked if there were any FNG’s and with there being none…Q stated that today was his Birthday and as such we were going to run. So we did. Q ran about 2.3 miles with stops along the way where trivia questions were asked.

Stops included:

  • Zorinsky Trail and Rolling Ridge Rd
  • 15710 Rolling Ridge Rd
  • Al Borlands House
  • Zorinsky Trail and Rolling Ridge Rd
  • Flags
  • Bathrooms
  • Top of Dam
  • Middle of Dam – stopped for 2 minutes of quiet reflection as we watched the sunrise.
  • Bathrooms
  • Flags

Questions were asked at each location about Ketchup and if they were correct, we did 5 Merkins. If wrong we did 5 burpees.

6 inches which was followed up by American Hammer’s Rancid Style…and we were done.

Announcements – Prayers – Honored Brad Pitt for his selflessness…I cried…cause he is Fucking Man!

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