AO – Whetstone/Site Q Swap
Q – Ketchup
PAX: Kryptonite, Roll Bar, Johnny 5, Bogey, Fine Print, Boji, Yodel, Mac….a….nudo, Barn Door, Barber Shop, Sasquash, Green House, Gator, Obi-Wan, Flowers

Q Kicked off the festivities promptly at 5:15 where he stated the mission statement, five core principles, and credo followed by 5 burpees after each item. While it wasn’t quite up to Mufasa’s standards we still managed to get 35 burpees in. After the burpees, Q stated that he was not a professional and asked if there were any FNG’s. Following introduction Q stated that since this was his first time at the site we were going to explore all that this site had to offer.

First stop – North East Corner of the Site Michael Phelps

  • Yodel Thrusts
  • Tappy Taps
  • Runner Pose – R/L
  • Merkins

Second stop – Soccer Fields – Partner Suicides 4 lines.
Partner 1 runs to each line, does 1 burpee and then runs back.
Partner 2 then runs to the same line does 1 burpee then runs back. While waiting at the end line, PAX does following:

  • AMRAP Merkins – Line 1
  • AMRAP Squats – Line 2
  • AMRAP WWI – Line 3
  • AMRAP Burpees – Line 4

Third stop – Bleachers Dips – 20

  • Step Ups – 20
  • Dips – 20
  • Step Ups – 20
  • Dips – 20

Fourth stop – Track Keep your partner –
Partner 1 runs 100 yards and back while partner 2 AMRAPS Exercises and then switch.

Chuck Norris MerkinsDry DocksDiamond Merkins
Bonnie Blairs ICApollo OnosBobby Hurleys
LBC’s ICAmazing SpidermansBox Cutters
Turkish GetupsGroinersSide Straddle Hops

This continued until Omaha was called.
6 inches which was followed up by American Hammer’s Rancid Style…and we were done.
Announcements – Prayers

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