Ryder Cup Day 2 AO – Armory Q – Ketchup/Yodel PAX – Baby Shoes, Tax Man, Tball, Surprise, Speed Bump, Truly, Smelly Cat, Hei Hei, Mac….a…Nudo, FNG, Crocs, Long Neck, Da Fridge, Wilson, Vespa, Space Monkey, Old Spice, Roll Bar, Flowers, Slow Clap, Cradle, Flanagan, Big One, Thor, FNG

Q’s Kicked off the festivities promptly at 5:30 where they stated the mission statement, five core principles, and creedo with burpees in between.  While it wasn’t quite up to Mufasa’s standards we still managed to get 35 burpees in.  After the burpees, Qs stated that they were not professionals and asked if there were any FNG’s.  Following Intro we numbered of into 1s and 2s.  1’s were team USA and 2’s were Team Europe.  Following that we moseyed over to the tank for Warmarama. 


  • Yodel called three exercises
  • Ketchup called 3 more and we did 5 more burpees after each one to get to 50

Pre-Thang – Yodel/Ketchup

  • Yodel – Tom Jones – Oh Yeahs
  • Ketchup – Black Betty –Heels to Heaven

Thang – we crossed the bridge where the following games were setup:

  • Cornhole Boards and Bags
  • 5 Gallon Bucket/Trash Can Toss – it was supposed to be a football toss into a bucket but Team Europe cheated and swapped out a full sized trash can for the bucket in an attempt to overcome their 0-1 deficit. 

We organized into the predetermined 1s and 2s and the following rules were given. 

  • For football – If you throw the footall in the bucket 10 reps.  If you don’t you do 20 reps.
  • For cornhole – If you make 1 out of 3 in the hole you do 10 reps.  If you don’t you do 20 reps. 

Complete each Column before going to the next Column:

Chuck Norris MerkinsDry DocksDiamon MerkinsWerkinsRanger Merkins
Bonnie Blairs ICApollo OnosBobby HurleysCopperhead SquatsSumo Squats
LBC’s ICFrozen Freddy’sBox CuttersWWI SitupsLow Dollies
Turkish GetupsGroinersBear CrawlsBroad JumpsSide Straddle Hops

While there were some monumental efforts by some – MAC……ANUDO hit a swish with the bag in the pitch black and the Europeans cheated.  So it all went about as expected.  As we were tied…we couldn’t leave it that way so Yodel and Ketchup set up the trash can 30 yards out and each got one bag throw.  Closest wins.  Ketchup came up clutch and kit the can while Yodel laid up for a decent approach shot.  In the end TEAM USA emerged victorious.  Omaha was called and we retreated to the AMERICAN flags.  Mary – Both

  • Ketchup – 6 Inches
  • Yodel – Mary Exercises (hammers or whatever you want)

COT – Ketchup

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