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Q – Ketchup
PAX: Patton, Mustard, Parka, Pig Pen, Motor Boat, Panty Hose, House Party, Armando, Toto, Al Borland, Bouncer Q Kicked off the festivities promptly at 5:30 where he stated the mission statement, five core principles, and credo followed by 5 burpees after each item. While it wasn’t quite up to Mufasa’s standards we still managed to get 35 burpees in. After the burpees, Q stated that he was not a professional and asked if there were any FNG’s. Following introduction Q stated that since this was his first time at the site we were going to explore all that this site had to offer.

First stop – Basketball Court for Warm-a-rama

  • Michael Phelps
  • Yodel Thrusts
  • Tappy Taps
  • Runner Pose – R/L
  • Merkins

Second stop – Circle of Benches 20 slow dips

  • 20 step ups right side
  • 20 slow dips
  • 20 step ups left side
  • 20 slow dips

Third stop – Flat Grassy Area Two Rounds
25 yards – 3 Long Jumps and 1 rep exercise, 3 LJ and 2 rep exercise, 3 LJ and 3 rep exercise – increase exercise rep by 1 until you get to the other side.

  • 1st exercise – Groiners
  • 2nd exercise – Burpees

Fourth stop – Tennis Courts Partner up
Two rounds of Suicides
Round 1 – Partner Planks
Round 2 – Partner Squats

Fifth Stop – Big Hill
Partner work One person goes to the top of the hill…does three burpees…comes back down. The other partner stays at the bottom of the hill AMRAPing exercises. This continued until Omaha was called.

6 inches which was followed up by American Hammer’s Rancid Style…and we were done. COT
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