AO – Wild Kingdom
Q – Ketchup/Brad Pit
PAX: Vlasic, Kick Stand, Pit Spot, Zoup, Mile High, Picasso, Muffs, Cutting Edge, Obi-Wan, Lincoln Logs, 12 Guage, DA Fridge, Golden Pond, Sweet Sweet, Fine Print, Tator Tot, Tonight Show, Chiclets, Slow Pitch, High Hat, Jeeves, Woodhead, Boss Hog, FNG – Tinker Toys

The RESPECT RESPECT Q Kicked off the festivities promptly at 5:30 where he stated the mission statement, five core principles, disclaimer and credo followed by 6 count burpees after each item. While it wasn’t quite up to Mufasa’s standards we still managed to get 35 burpees in prior to the Pre-Thang. Q asked if there were any FNG’s…of which there was one…and we moseyed to the covered picnic tables by the boat ramp from slow exercises. Brad Pitt took this one as well and he called the following: 20 slow dips

  • 20 step ups right side
  • 20 slow dips
  • 20 step ups left side
  • 20 slow dips
  • 20 derkins

At this point, Ketchup took over and we moseyed over to the eastern soccer field where two cones were set up about 50 yards apart and the following instructions were given: Long Jump three times following by one rep of an exercise. Then three more long jumps followed by two reps of the exercise. Then three more long jumps followed by three reps of an exercise. This continued with the exercise rep increasing by 1 until you made it all the way to the other cone. We completed 4 cone-to-cone circuits 4 times. Exercises were as follows:

  • Bonnie Blairs
  • WWI Situps
  • Groiners
  • Merkins

It was also during this time that the Q was sworn at…I guess the PAX didn’t like it. After the 4th time through Q decided to call it on that workout and we moseyed to the large hill on the south side of the dam. We partnered up with 1 person going to the top of the hill…doing three burpees…and then coming back down. The other partner stayed at the bottom of the hill AMRAPing squats and then switched. This continued for 4 rounds and then Omaha was called.

Brad Pitt called 6 inches which was followed up by American Hammer’s Rancid Style…and we were done.

Announcements – Prayers –

For the message the Ketchup talked about how today was supposed to be a co-Q with Mr. Deeds. However given some of his struggles he had to back out. Q charged the group to reach out to at least one person this week and just check in with them. Mental health is vitally important and you never know when something as simple as a phone call could make all the difference in the world to someone. BP led us out in prayer and departed.

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Wild Kingdom

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