Wednesday March 29th, 2023, 0515 hrs sharp we started. It was 24° light wind, with a feel like temp of 16°.  

The workout started with the F3 mission statement  — The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

5 core principles

    1.    Free of charge

    2.    Open to all men

    3.    Always held outdoors

    4.    Led in a rotating fashion

    5.    And ends in a circle of trust.

Credo:  “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where we found him.”

Safety disclaimer,  Q is not a professional, modify as necessary for there is a real risk of injury.

PAX in attendance:

Shocker, Styx, Big Rig, Feeny, Rooney, Dozer, Baby Shark, The Bends, Animal House, Amadeus, Q-Tip (respect respect), Sundance, Duracell (respect), Ray-Ban, Broke (FNG), Bobsled, Beans, Mr Hanky Irish Car Bomb (QIC), (Icy Hot & Razzle Dazzle, pre runners that had to leave early)

Pre thang on the 50 yard line for A circle of death ladder. Group in a circle.  First person counts one push up. Flip over count one big boy. Next person does 2 push ups, 2 big boys. Third does 3 and on and on until Omaha was called. Omaha was called after 16.

For the thing, one of my favorites. B.O.M.B.S

The group had 19 so the group was split in half. Group one started from the center field, bear crawl to the stadium stairs. Up the stairs to the landing area. Here, complete 10 burpees. Duck walk to the far south of the walkway and 10 overhead claps (IC). Down the stadium stairs. Once on the track bear crawl back to the center of the field again. Here, 10 hydraulic squats. Bear crawl to the east side stadium stairs, for 10 Mike Tyson’s. Frog jump (broad jump) to the north walkway and complete 20 big boy sit ups. Down the stadium stairs, bear crawl back to the center of the field. 10 hydraulic squats. Rinse and Repeat

Announcements / Prayers:

Oscar Mike at Ginger Cove this Saturday  G String Q with a car pool @ karma coffee at 0530 (more info to follow)

April 22 five year anniversary from  0530-0700 at the Oracle

Knobs family

Lemu’s mom

Baby Shark family friend Gina

Busser’s mom

RayBan brought out an FNG. Ryan Zulkoski, now forever known as Broke since his pockets were turned inside out on his sweats.


I have found in my profession, a very high percentage of contacts aren’t during someone’s best day. So most contacts are of a serious nature. So today I wanted to just have fun. Fun music, hopefully a fun beatdown and fun with the HIM’s of F3 Omaha. So today I ask that before you go go work or after your business day, go home, laugh, love and just have fun with your 2.0’s and M’s and members of the community.

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