1/18/2019. The Woodshed AO | Elmwood Park 

PAX:18  Room Service, Saul, The Big One, Picabo, The Plague,  Ponzi, Baby Grand, Tater Tot, Wait Time, No Doze, Khakis (Respect), Folsom, Bubbles, Point Break, Lowman, Brazilian, OMT, Scoops (FNG – Win Tong)

QIC: No Doze 

Weather:  17 degree real feel.  As always,perfect weather for a No Doze Q.

 The Shorties got a snow day, but school was in session at the Woodshed.  

At 4:55 YHC checked the traction on the Stairway to Heaven at UNO and set up the speakerboxx. Joined 5 Pax (Tater Tot, Bubbles, Plague, Brazilian, and Lowman) for a pre-beatdown 5K at 5.

Clearly the pre-blast threatening nothing but stairs did not deter these early-rising Pax from extra work.  Or so I thought.  At mile 3, Lowman “conveniently” dropped a leg into a half-frozen cesspool and, rather than inconvenience the Pax with the stench (or according to Lowman, to avoid certain frostbite) left the AO, only to return midway through the beatdown dry as a bone, with fresh tights, and radiating the warmth of a full-size Buick SUV.  

 Mission statement and disclaimer were given. PAX immediately double-timed to the Stairway to Heaven for 


-SSH -25 ICString Rippers aka Tappy Taps – 15IC

Moroccan nightclub – 10IC 

Mountain climbers – 10 IC

Red Bull Smurf Jacks -15IC (you’re welcome for the limited reps)

The PAX numbered off into two groups for 


Group 1 took to the Stairway for six minutes.  YHCapparently did not read the parental advisory on hisplaylist.  T-Claps to the Pax in Group 1 for turning down the volume.  Sorry Meek Mill, this ain’t Philly. #dreamsandnightmares.  

Group 2 performed alternating sets of 10SSH IC and 15 merkins for 6 minutes.  The groups then flipped and Group 1 did the SSH and merkins, while Group 2 killed in on the stairs accompanied by District 66’s own 311.  #OmahaStylee.

The Groups flipped again.  Group 1 took to the stairs for another 6 minutes while Group 2 performed alternating sets of 20 squats and 10 merkins. Bubbles audibled to Monkey Humpers in lieu of a set of Group 2’s squats, which was met with abundant mumble chatter. When Group 2 headed back to the stairs, the Pax was spent, and multiple good-natured insults were lobbed at YHC.  No offense taken, Folsom.  

Groups convened for 5 burpees, 15 IC red bull smurfjacks, and 5 more burpees before moseying back to the flags for Mary.

6 MoM:

YHC dropped some Socratic method on the Pax, asking them the origins of “Mary.”  Several Pax were well aware of the Brett Fav-ra vehicle which spawned this bit of F3 lexicon.  YHC also reminded the Pax that Muhammed Ali said he never counted his situps until it hurt.  Apparently, the Pax was still smarting from the steps and began counting immediately.

Dying cockroaches – 20 or 25 IC

LBC’s – 15 IC

American Hammer – 35IC  


Name-o-Rama – Welcome FNG Scoops from Seattle (Win Tong).  Scoops is an ice cream glutton when he comes to Omaha, and he worked off enough calories to have a double dip tonight.

-Announcements: TAPs for TC, Folsom, Rollbar, and Bluegrass    

YHC shared how he was searching for something undefinable and found it in F3. Younger Pax are lucky that they can have F3 before they ever have to search for that something.  Asked the Pax to check out Freed to Lead, if they haven’t already. Learn more about F3’s mission of leadership and love. Shared three thoughts on leadership for future workout Qs gleaned from the book.  First, make the workout difficult.  No one wants to leave feeling like they could have put out more effort.  The harder it is, the more fun we will have, and the more we will expand.  Let’s become “problematic.”  Second, lead the workout well.  Be bold and self-sustaining.  Learn to appropriately call cadence.  If you don’t other Pax should call you out, gently, so our workout can have more speed and energy. Third, ask for help and feedback.  Going it alone “is not noble.  It is selfish and prideful.”  YHC closed out with a prayer for the Pax to exude happiness to everyone they encounter this weekend.  

15 in attendance at Coffeteria for fellowship.  



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