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Winter Quarters AO

Pax: Wait Time, Bubbles, Tater Tot, Vandelay, No Dose, Waffle House, Reba, FNG “Cutter,” Borland, Saul, Big One, Folcom, Honey Badger, Coach K, Selleck, The Plague, Khakis, Tonight Show, Honey Stinger, Crab Cakes.

Q : Dufresne



Windmills x15, Sun Gods x 10 forwards and backwards, A number of String Rippers, & Side Straddle Hop x 20.

The Thang:

Went Balls to the Wall, did a few of merkins, a Bear Crawl, and then Crab Cake led a few more merkins.

Pax did a three man grinder. Which included monkey humpers, squats, Thor’s Hammer, Low Dolly, Lunges, Side-Straddle-Hop, Merkins, Alternating Should Tap, Werkins, Plank Jacks, Carolina Dry Docks, and Cherry Pickers.

6 Minutes of Mary:

Waffle House led some LBCs, and Wait Time led a few WW1 Sit-Ups. Then we did 89 Flutter Kicks in honor of American hero/astronaut – Buzz Aldrin’s upcoming 89th birthday. Dufrense had mid-life crises around 50, but FNG “Cutter” did a 10 count and got the Pax back on track.

Nam’A’Rama, named FNG “Cutter,” and finished with a short prayer.

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