PAX: 8 – Daniel San, Folsom, Bluegrass, Waffle House (Respect!), Bubba Gump (Respect!), Wait Time and FNG: Pale Ale (Dan Clipperton)

Q: Cyclone (Respect!)

Weather: 25 degrees, Dark, snow covered but comfortable

Intro: Cyclone welcomed PAX to the playground at Stinson Park. With FNG present, cyclone was relieved to find the F3detail Bubba Gump had provided be it mud covered and crumpled. Relief quickly became despair when Cyclone realized without glasses finding the paper was of little use. Disclaimers were given as best as could be under circumstances, FNG appeared concerned by glitchy start.

As is tradition with all Cyclone Q’s song list started with Aretha’s R E S P E CT followed by a complete set of straight up good rock, Q was also rocking new F3 RESPECT t-shirt, looked great, felt great, FNG appeared less worried


SSH – 20, Cherry Pickers – 15, String Rippers – 15, Plank Jacks – 15, Merkins – 10, 3 light pole ladder run


20 Reps Weights on Playground – special transition to benches in gazebo – 15 Bench Reps, transition back with 3 Light Pole Ladder Run after every two cycles

Military Press – Bear Crawl – Dips – Bear Crawl

Bicep Curls – Crab Walk – Plyo Merkins – Crab Walk

Mumble Chatter high as Cyclone finds he is not only one challenged by crab walk

3 Light Pole Ladder Run

Tri Curls  Lunge – Step-Ups – Lunge

Bench Press – Broad Jump – Bench Derkins – Lunge

3 Light Pole Ladder Run

Upright Rows – High Knees – Sit & Jump – High Knees

Bent Over Rows – Bobby Hurly – Donkey Kicks – Bobby Hurly (mumble chatter on the donkey kicks and rightfully so, just awful). At this point Bubba informs Q he no longer likes him, high praise indeed

3 Light Pole Ladder Run

Shoulder Flys – Lunge – Dips – Lunge

Bench Flys – Broad Jump – Plyo Merkins – Broad Jump

3 Light Ladder Pole Run – Omaha Called


LBC – 20, Flutter Kicks – 20, Rosalitas (on Waffles open) – 20, Hammer (round robin 10 on, 10 off)


Namarama: Struggle Bus arrived as several PAX couldn’t remember age or name, fist bump lacking, camera position spotty, redemption with FNG naming as we welcomed Pale Ale

COT: Q forgot document and lack of glasses prevented googlesearch, mumble chatter with another fumble, Q’s pride in calling perfect cadence was diminished by fails in the before and aftertraditions

Prayer: Waffle House closed in prayer as only he can, a man I am truly proud to call my friend these last several years, am constantly amazed at his humility, kindness and care for others

Q missed fellowship as had to head to co-host swim team dinner with no one other than our own TC, keep him in your prayers as he gets x-ray next week on foot, we need him back and he needs us










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