Date: 08/17/23 | Location: The Sandlot | Start Time: 5:30 AM | Temp: 64

Title: “Learning as Teachers”

Total PAX: (12) 

Q: G String 

Lots of Prethings: Smurphers/Prerunners

At 530, G String welcomed the PAX to the Sandlot.  G String stated thatF3 stands for fitness, followship, and faith.  He covered 5 core principles – it’s free, open to all men, always outside, it’s led in a rotating fashion, and it ends in a circle of trust.  He told them that we leave no man behind and no man where we found him.  G String stated the Mission Statement of F3 – to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  He claimed to not be a professional and asked that PAX modify as necessary.  He asked if there were any FNG’s and there were none. 

Warm a Rama:

  • Mosey over to the nearby track

G String had set up cones at the four corners for some track work..

First mile was all together as they sprinted the curves and moseyed the straights. Second mile was a relay style. There were 12 PAX so this worked out well – 3 teams of 4. Each team got a ‘baton’ which was some recycled bubble containers from G String’s kids. The team split up to have one member at each cone.  Each  would sprint to the next teammate, pass the baton, then bernie sanders back to their cone. This was repeated until one mile was completed as a team collectively. Once completed, the group then moseyed back to the flags.

At 610 or so, the group performed slammers. G String then called Omaha for NoR and requested that everyone get on their 6 and perform some leg stretches as the COT commenced. 

Name-o-Rama: Ferdinand, Low Flow, Baby Shark, Roady, Firewalker, Michelin, KOA, Hacksaw, Simmons, Ray Ban, Broke

FNG’s: None

Announcements: Flag pass next week at Sandlot. Freed to Bleed next Friday. 

Prayers/Intentions:  Injured PAX (some that happened this morning). Gale Groswold funeral and the family. 

COT:  Switch to first person… 

As we sat down and stretched together, because we did some sprinting today that I felt like we should stretch afterwards, I moresoI opened the group up for a conversation about what we might have learned from our kids. I feel like we are so laser focused on teaching our kids what to do and not do that we lose focus on what they are actually teaching us. There was a lot of good commentary…

  1. Time is precious. Allow them to be young and take advantage of the little moments we have to really be the example for our kids instead of rushing through a response and not taking the time to explain things.
  2. It’s ok to decompress and be alone for some time when it’s needed.
  3. They won’t be little forever, so enjoy it while it lasts. Don’t wish for the next thing – just enjoy this thing.

G String prayed us out and the PAX enjoyed the onsite coffee provided by the site Q, Baby Shark 


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