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AO: Top Rope
Longneck 1 Year Anniversary of F3
Date: 8/23/23
Weather: 79°F, clear sky, 89% humidity with no wind. 
PAX: (42 PAX, 0 FNG) Slow Pitch, Kryptonite, Road House, Bollywood, Da Fridge, Tug Boat, Teleprompter, Chowda, Kill Switch, Hard Hat, Bogey, Yodel, Blades of Glory, Barbershop, Barn Door, DaKine, Superfly, Big Unit, Scoober, Old Spice, Home Alone, Speed Bump, DeVito, Semi, Big One, Tonight Show, Macanudo (respect), Vespa (respect), Cadbury, Haboob, Beemer, Papa Smurph, Start Lord, Smelly Cat, Lemu (respect), T-Swift, Larva, Canary, Beaver, Wait Time (respect), Thor, Longneck.
Q: Longneck
PAX arrived to hear the F3 Core Principles, Mission Statement, Motto, Credo and the exercise disclaimer. 
Warm-o-rama: We gathered on the basketball black top, circled up and performed 15 IC SSH and 15 IC Cherry Pickers. During the warm up I heard much mumble chatter which is always music to my ears. At this point, I am not sure the nyquil from the night before is completely worn off so I yell, that’s it for name-o-rama so lets move on to the pre-thang…Lemu I think is the only one who caught this but he instantly gave me a hard time so, yeah, nothing new here, lol. 
Pre-Thang: We partnered up into teams of two, moseyed over to the school wall and as your partner wall sat, the other did either 10 merkins or 10 air squats then swap and continue that until OMAHA is called. This pre thang was chosen as I knew we had a good group of smurphers and since the murph challenge is almost complete, I thought they would want to get in a few additional merkins and squats…..I was right… just the right amount of complaining. Once OMAHA was called, I yelled that is it for Warm-o-rama (nyquil remember) and we moseyed up to the Medical Plaza parking lot for a batter blacktop. 
The-Thang: The thang consisted of one of my favorite workout games, called Tower of Dice or Tower of Reps. We divide up into even(ish) teams, this time we had 7 groups of 6 that positioned in a large circle with a bin in the middle full of dice. A timer is set for 7 minutes and at go one PAX from each time runs 75ish feet to the middle, grabs one die then runs back to their team and rolls it. The number on the die corresponds with an exercise listed on the workout guide available at each team’s station (guide has 4 different rounds on it). After the team completes the exercise the next PAX of the team runs to the middle, grabs a die, rolls, completes the exercise as a group and then that PAX must one-handed stack their die on top of the 1st die. This continues until time is up. If the tower falls over, all PAX of that team must do 5 penalty burpees and re-stack the tower before they continue. We were able to complete round 1 and 2 at 7 minutes each and round 3 at a modified 5 minute round to ensure we finished in time. Omaha was then yelled and we moseyed to the shovel flags. 

Mary: American Hammers were completed as rancid style. 
Name-o-rama: I had a brain fart here and completely forgot about name-o-rama so I started to ball up the men around the flags for ease of communicating as I recently recovered from a cold and didn’t have much of a voice. Thankfully we have vocal PAX and they reminded me that even at my 1 year anniversary, we still do name-o-rama…lol. We circled back up and completed it in epic fashion. 
Prayers/Announcements: Check slack but flag passes were announced, blood drive, combine moving back to original site, VQ at disco this week, and much more….check slack. 
COT: My COT was short and sweet, mostly as I didn’t have much of a voice from my previous cold but also due to the noise traffic is very loud and most probably couldn’t hear much from me anyways. I thanked everyone for their support, encouragement, push and drive over the last year. As I mentioned during my flag pass, I am down 70 pounds of weight, much more fit but more importantly I have a better relationship with my M, my 2.0s and my family and  friends. I thanked Wait Time for his commitment in bringing F3 to Omaha and Slow Pitch for reaching out to my Facebook post a year ago and introducing me to F3 and always being there for me to lean on. Thank you to my “large” shield lock that is just the right size in my book. Those 6 men are my rock and allow me to open up like I never have been able to in the past. Thanks guys for always being there. I then read a quote that reminds me of F3 and what we do for each other…. “NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE VALUABLE AND IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE YOU MAKE IN EVERY LIFE YOU TOUCH, FOR THE IMPACT YOU MAKE TODAY HAS A POWERFUL RIPPLING EFFECT ON EVERY TOMORROW.” 
From the bottom of my heart…thank you all. You have truly changed me and I appreciate each and every one of you.   

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