08/12/2023, 6:00 AM | The Pit | 72 degrees

# PAX: 10 – Busser, Razzle Dazzle, Invictus, Do It, OG Kickstand, Firewalker, Longboard, Arch, Pogo Tenacious D

QIC:  Tenacious D

5:30 AM: Pre-run\Ruck – PAX, unsure as was setting up for beatdown

6:00 AM:

Tenacious D welcomed the Pax to F3 – Mission: plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  

Tenacious D then recited the 5 core principles of F3.  1) Free of charge 2) Open to all men.  3) Held outdoors, 4) Peer led in a rotating fashion and 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).

Tenacious D then informed the group that he is not a professional and to modify as necessary.  He recited the credo – “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.”

Also not a professional – modify as necessary



17 Side Straddle Hops, 10 cherry pickers to portable 8 track player with Olivia John tape


Saunter over near baseball parking lot to perform core(Olivia Newton John music continued but not through 8 track player..

15 Crunchy Frogs

15 Frozen Freddies (IC)

15 LBCs (IC)

15 Rosalitas (IC) (High Dolleys)

15 Heel Touches (IC)

Another Saunter over near football field in a pavilion to perform 20 dips and 20 step ups at picnic tables.

Saunter around the football field to entrance.

Had Firewalker perform a coin flip for either 25 burpees or plank\bear crawl the length of the field, it magically ended up being plank bear crawl…

PAX lined up in line behind goal line in plank position. Last person bear crawls to front and the rest of the PAX follows suit until the other goal line is met. What a bad idea that was.


PAX split into 3 groups, 3 stations around the track. Perform one exercise at the station then saunter to the next station and continue until exercises at stations werecomplete.

Station 1 exercises
20 Air Squats
20 Monkey Humpers (IC)(eye contact)
20 Sumo Squats
20 Alternating Side Squats (IC)

Station 2 exercises
20 Merkins
20 Mountain climbers (IC)
20 Drydocks 
20 Chuck Norris Merkins

Station 3 exercises
20 Imperial Walkers (IC)
20 Jump Squats
20 Side Straddle Hops (IC)
20 Wojo Squat (Squats in which you slap the pavement at the bottom of each rep, like an overly energetic Duke basketball player.

PAX met in middle of field after completion to perform 20-25 Burpees at Firewalker’s soft request.

Saunter back to shovel flags afterwards

Mary: Crunchy Frogs, Flutter Kicks Sarpy Slammers, IC




Gratitude, being able to show and communicate gratitude (especially to my M)
Quote from John F Kennedy – As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

Aye! Tenacious D

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