Date: August 22, 2023

PAX: Gunner (Respect), Schrute, Baby Shark, Animal House,  Swiper, Levy, Stranglehold, Yugo, Irish Car Bomb, Girl Dad, Stripes, G-String, Boss Hogg, Sweet roll, Cougar, Korver, Razzle Dazzle, Invictus, Low Flow, Farva

FNGs: None

Pre Run: Lots of HIM

AO: The Catamount Complex

Q: Farva (Beans)

Conditions: Partly Cloudy, 82 degrees F, Feels like 86 degrees F, Humidity 61%, Wind 7.8 mph from SW. At 5:15, YHC welcomed the PAX to the Catamount Complex and recited the 5 core principles, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify as necessary. The exercises are simply a suggestion.

Warmarama: No warmarama…. we got right to business.

Pre-Thang: Nope…. see above.  

Thang:           YHC had been thinking about and looking forward to finally leading at the Cat house again. Today was special as it was my 43rd birthday. I arrived around 420 to plant the flag and relieve myself before the pre pre run. Strong group of men doing hard things before other hard things. We ran some laps around the track and then picked up the pre runners for the normal pre run route. It was a nasty, hot, sticky, muggy morning and most of us were already drenched with sweat and uncharacteristically tired. For the beatdown, the PAX were given a tour of the QIC’s neighborhood that he grew up in while enroute to the school where I went from K-8th grade. We ran up and down the many hills on 43rd street, this street was not paved, nor did it have speed bumps in my day. I am lucky to have survived multiple jumps over the blind peaks of these hills. The group stopped in front of 6807 Sunshine drive and completed 43 high quality merkins. Unfortunately, we were interrupted about halfway through the reps because the PAX decided to do their reps in the middle of the street. We have learned that Bellevue and South Omaha is still very working class and there is considerable traffic early in the morning. I assume these drivers are working the early morning shifts. This is the house I grew up in and lived for 21 years. The House is not being taken care of as nicely as my dad used to and it makes him very sad when drive by the house now. Next, we ran to the intersection of 41st Ave and Washington street. We stopped here to perform 43 high quality squats. I told the PAX that this was the spot where I crashed my bike into a parked car and shattered my kneecap. I am thankful that I can even perform a squat after that incident. Next stop was 3619 “X” street, which is Saints Peter and Paul school. Some of us decided to catch our breath or pick up the 6 here. This was my childhood elementary school and I have many memories here. We performed 43 high quality dips on the stairs in front of the church and school. We continued down 36th street and stopped briefly in front of 6054 S. 36th street. This was Mark Kaipust’s grandparents home and a home he lived in during and after college. Many good stories and memories happened in that house. The Catamount Complex is dedicated to Mark’s memory. We took another trip up and down 43rd street and arrived back at the site with over 3.5 miles under our belts. Everyone did great and we arrived back at the cat house right on time. Shout out to Yugo and many other HIM for being “with” the 6 on this run. HIM doing HIM things. Everyone was disgustingly sweaty and most shed their shirts and grabbed some water before NOR.      

Mary:           20 Sarpy Slammers 

NOR          See above for PAX present  

Announcements and Prayers:          Mark and Taylor Kaipust Memorial run at the Sandlot on Aug 31st. -Very special to our hearts…please check Slack for details on donating to the scholarship.  

The DUX ESTO award was presented to Korver and Yugo. These 2 HIM are very deserving. Well done men!  

COT: During this mostly running beatdown we did stop for some high quality exercises. This was intentional as to serve as a reminder that no matter how much we have to give, we should focus on always doing our best, having pride in doing it the right way, and being the example for others. That is what High Quality is….it is doing it right or the right way when nobody is looking.  

I am always reminded around my birthday that it was around this time that it was the last time I saw my best friend Mark Kaipust. I have a habit of every morning checking my photo history for pictures that were taken on this day. The day before, a picture came up of a pre birthday dinner I had with a large group of friends. I remember being seated at the opposite end of a large table from my best friend….Mark Kaipust. I did not get to talk with him all night, but after the majority of people had left I decided to go down to his end of the table. We had a few drinks and small talk even though we needed to get home to our kids and our wives were nagging us to leave. I don’t remember what we talked about, but this would be the last time I would see my friend. About a week later, my friend and his young son were killed in a car accident on the way to a Husker game. I miss him and looking back on this night, I am glad we made the time. I remind everyone to make time and find time for the ones you love. Don’t assume there will always be another time, we never know when the last time will be. RIP TK & MK

Prayer – Farva  

10-7, EOT


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