August 3, 2019 | AO – The Pit | Halleck Park | 75° & Sunny

PAX:  Tater Tot, Gipper, Lemon Law, Tenderfoot, Bloodshot, Tonight Show, Jean Claude, Grease Monkey, Crawl, Biggie Smalls, Lucky Charms, The Plague

Q: The Plague

The Plague welcomed 12 PAX to a glorious morning at The Pit. The Plague explained the mission of F3, looked for FNGs and gave the disclaimer that he is not a professional and encouraging modification as needed. The Plague also reminded PAX that today’s workout would be quick and efficient due to the Kid’s Triathlon being held in the park at 0800.

PAX moseyed down the trail for warm-a-rama in the circle of trees.


The Plague gave instructions for following along as the intention of this warm-a-rama is to get the PAX hearts pumping.   Minimal mumble chatter as PAX were put to work quickly

  • SSH – 20 IC
  • MC – 20 IC
  • Seal Jacks – 20 IC
  • Peter Parker – 20 IC
  • Hops (single/double leg) – 15 on hop
  • Oh yeah – 20 IC

Some mumble chatter here discussing The Plague’s affinity for oh yeah’s, pickle pushers and other exercises from the F3 at Home Series.

THE THANG – Pain Circuits

PAX then moseyed to the cones The Plague had strategically set up before the workout. PAX then performed one circuit at one cone, ran to the next cone for the second circuit then rinse and repeat until all four circuits had been completed twice. Some minor alterations/audibles were called to add more burpees, jump lunges and some bear crawl/lunge walk between sets. Exercises were all done as a group planking to the six.

Circuit 1 X2

  • High Knees 20 IC
  • Jump Squats 20 on down
  • Merkins 20 on down
  • Freddy Mercury 20 IC/LBCs

Circuit 2 x2

  • Jump Lunge 20 IC
  • V Up 20 on up
  • Catalina Wine Mixer 20 IC
  • American Hammer 20 IC

Circuit 3 x2

  • Burpees 10 OYO
  • Toe-touch Merkins 20 IC
  • Diagonal MC 20 IC (10 each side)
  • Gas Pumpers/Low Dollies 20 IC

Circuit 4 x2

  • Alternating Shoulder Taps 20 IC
  • Star Crunch/Flutter Kicks 20 IC
  • Bobby Hurley’s 20 on down
  • Lunges 20 on down (10 each leg)

PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags


  • The Plague shared some thoughts on identity, pain and the mistakes we make in life
    • When our issues consume our identity, we no longer know our name. We come into the presence of god sometimes identified more with our shame than his grace. How many know God gives new names? Abraham, Simon-Peter. God wants to get to the core of who you are and stabilize you on a foundation greater than your mistakes, failures and popular opinion of you
    • The Plague has experienced the value of reframing identity and learning that you are not the sum of your failures, you are far greater than that
    • Encourage PAX to find their true identity through authenticity, honesty and open-mindedness and use that identity to impact the relationships closets to them.
  • TAPS –
    • Prayers for injured PAX and health of families
  • Coffeteria at the Beanery


The Plague

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