On Saturday, June 8 there were 38 PAX that chose to enjoy a perfectly sunny and very “soupy” (No Doze description) morning for a Tater Tot beatdown (Oh yah, I think Folsom cherrypicked some guys for a Broga session or something as well).  There was plenty of pre-blast discussion with who’s workout would inflict greater pain which at one point Folsom mentioned his only hope was to “make someone cry” so….  After a quick introduction from Tater Tot we made a short mosey to the north field to kick off Warm a Rama. 

Warm-a-rama: – All 38 PAX were led by Folsom

Seal Claps ICx15

Tappy Taps ICx12

Jump Tucks X 10

Sobriety Style Sun Gods, forward and backwards, ICx10

Jump Tucks X 10

Hill Billy Squats ICx12

Jump Tucks X 10

After Warm-a-Rama, Folsom counted off the first 15 PAX for his varsity (all talk) beatdown and Tater Tot gladly accepted the remaining 22 “JV” members.  This already annoyed group was met with open arms and told they would be “Best Friends” with Tater Tot for the next 45 minutes on National Best Friends Day.   They were asked to do a backwards-run mosey to the top of the hill in honor of Tater Tot’s physical therapist mentioning “If you say it is easier to run backwards in a boot then do it.  You won’t listen to my advice, so you might as well take your own…” type of thing.  As the group pulled away in reverse, there was already mumble chatter directed toward Folsom for his standing 15 minute “Varsity” explanation of how to mosey… And we were off.

Group # (The Only Group) 22 PAX: Rollbar, Lowman, Borland, The Worm, Tender Foot, Selleck, No Doze, Specimen, Brazilian, The Plague, Lightyear, Reba, Fiddler (FNG Welcome!), Room Service, Greece Monkey, The Big One, Kielbasa (Hate!), Crawl (FNG Welcome!), Coach K, Crab Cakes, Sasquash, Tater Tot 

Pre Thang – The Eskimo

This never attempted before and possibly never again exercise was a Tater Tot special which tried to demonstrate why Eskimo’s are so tough in F3 terms.  PAX were asked to get in a plank position and hold a merkin for a count with their nose touching the ground.  Apparently, this is how Eskimo’s kiss….(Oh the love was being felt)  Lowman picked a number between 10 and 12 and was exactly the same number Tater Tot was thinking of as well.  PAX held their nose to the concrete on his down for 11 seconds, 10 seconds, 9 seconds…all the way to 1 merkin.  Not sure many will be moving to eastern Siberia or Alaska anytime soon as they quickly realized how tough one must be to live in the northern circumpolar region of the world.

The Thang – Delivery

Splitting the group perfectly in half (11 and 11) the PAX were given direction on their “delivery” route.  While one group was carrying a cinder block up a hill of stairs, completing an exercise, then back down the steps, the other group was completing a rinse and repeat exercise waiting for their delivery to return. PAX rocked out to Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger, Queen, Creedence Clearwater, Huey Lewis.. to try and suppress the thought of doing this for the next 35-40 minutes.  Tater Tot loved listening to the PAX encourage one another and have side conversations which is what the Fitness/Fellowship is all about especially for the FNG’s that were absolutely rocking it.  OMAHA! was called after all exercises were completely. 

Bottom of Steps – Do the exercise, 10 count, then repeat until the delivery arrived

1)                  Monkey Humpers X 15 IC

2)                  Bear Crawl to cone & back

3)                  Flutter Kicks with Cherry Pickers X 15 IC

4)                  Burpees X 10

5)                  Wall Sit – 40 Second Count

6)                  Crab Walk to cone & back

7)                  Bobby Hurley’s X 15

8)                  Chill Cut – 40 Second Count

(Rinse and Repeat)

Cinder Block Carry – Overhead carry to the top of the steps, do the exercise and delivery the block

1)                  Blockee X 10 – Burpee w/ Coupon

2)                  Curls X 20

3)                  Overhead Air Press X 20

4)                  Squats X 20

5)                  Chest Press X 20 – on back

6)                  Dips on block X 20

7)                  Lunge back to the top of steps

8)                  Derkins on block X 20

(Rinse and Repeat)

Mary – At this point Folsom was still explaining his exercises I was told…. Tater Tot asked members of the PAX to lead core to bring us home. 

  1. Big Boy Sit-ups X 20  – Tater Tot
  2. American Hammer X 20 IC – Rollbar
  3. Wobbly Banana X 20 IC – Reba (Lowman said he had experience in the Wobbly Banana.  Not sure what that meant but there was a disturbing visual)
  4. Gas Pumpers X 20 IC – Lightyear (We are going to miss this dude when he moves in a couple of weeks!)


Nama – a – Rama: Welcome Fiddler and Crawl!!

Announcements –

  • AO Expansion to Papillion with a possible start date the second week in July.  Specimen was like “what, what, what?”….
  • “Bubbles” Extra Credit Murph at The District starting at 5am on June 10 (through the summer).  The regularly schedule Murph will stay at 5:30am
  • Father’s Day Workout with 2.0’s on Saturday, June 15.  More info will be sent out via Twitter
  • Freed to Lead discussion continued.  Tuesday at Wild Kingdom and Cornhusker and will be covering Part II.
  • Liverpool will be in town and will be Co-Qing on Tuesday, June 11 with Tater Tot

Prayers – For Mamma Stinger, for Wait Time’s family, for the little girl that was found non-responsive at Rockbrook pool and her family (a reminder was given to pay great attention to our 2.0’s especially at the pool and public places.  It is easy to get caught up in discussion and to be aware of your surroundings)

The Delivery – Tater Tot said the word “Delivery” out loud to the PAX in four different tones and explained how one word said differently can elicit so many separate emotions and possibly set the mood or change the direction of a conversation or even your day.  Pay attention to how you respond to your loved ones and friends and understand that your delivery is very powerful.  When you are listening to others perhaps don’t react as quickly and give yourself some time to respond.   Recognize a situation as a lot of times the way we say things might not match the way we are feeling.  Having an awareness of your delivery can change your day or perhaps a relationship.  (Tater Tot gives the credit to this topic to The Plague)

Best Friends – Tater Tot noticed on Google or something it was National Best Friends Day and used “The Sifter” method from the book Freed to Lead to reiterate the importance of why F3’s relationships can be some much more than any other relationships we have had in our lives.  The youth best friends, the guys you meet through your M’s friends and your co-workers are all great but when your world shakes, and it will, who will be there no matter what?  These are the men of F3. Tater Tot reiterated that the men standing in that circle are all his best friends regardless of if he had known them for a day or 9 months as he knows the F3 character they all share.

Notes: Folsom’s “Varsity” group was still listening to instructions on how to workout… Next time I will take all 38 men. (Love you Folsom!)

Until next time…


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