6/6/2019 | Futurama AO | Memorial Park

PAX: No Doze, Lowman, Room Service, CSI, OMT, Tater Tot, TC, Khakis, Polaroid, Toadstool, Safe Ride, Plague, Trademark, Ponzi, Tenderfoot

Q: The Big One

Weather: 76 and soupy

The Big One welcomed the PAX. Gave the Mission statement, core principles and disclaimer.

After seeing Biggie Smalls and Forty Grit run by with two others, the PAX followed them briefly and then continued to mosey around the circle eventually meeting up on the Memorial.



Imperial Walkers

String Rippers

Tater Taps

Smurf Jacks – this really winded The Big One!

Alternating Shoulder Taps

Pre Thang

The PAX moseyed down the stairs to the landing and circled up. In honor of OMT who has a little one arriving any day, Big One played the song ‘Baby Shark’. The PAX got into a plank position and proceeded to do a Merkin every time they sang shark. It ended up being a nice round 20 and then Big One threw in some Mountain Climbers to bring it home.

The Thang Part 1

The PAX partnered up for a grinder. One partner ran up the stairs, through the Memorial and back down the stairs while the other partner did the exercises below. As a team they had to complete the requisite number of reps.

Burpees x 50

Box Jumps x 50

Derkins x 100

Alt Step Ups x 100

Dips x 80

Rinse and Repeat


  • Flutter Kicks 10 IC followed by holding feet out for 30 sec
  • Amazing Spiderman 10 IC Each Leg
  • American Hammer 35 IC led by OMT


  • Name-o-Rama
  • 1st Friday Lunch at Flagship Commons
  • Father Day 2.0 workout on June 15th
  • Khakis reminded the PAX that it was the 75th Anniversary of DDay, which was especially meaningful as we stood at Memorial Park. Big One briefly talked about the men of the Greatest Generation, like his grandfather, that fought in WWII and the sacrifices they unselfishly made for their country.
  • Prayers for Wait Time and his family. Prayers for the Honey Brothers and their mom.
  • Big One reminded the group that their M should always be in the middle of their Concentrica. While it is great that we are accelerating as individuals and as a group, it is imperative that we put our Ms first. We need to check in with them, pick them up when necessary and make sure they are accelerating as well.
  • Big One asked The Plague to close with a prayer
  • Coffeteria at Crane.


The Big One

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