June 12, 2019 56 degrees and a gorgeous sunrise. Fartsackers missed out.

12 PAX enjoyed a heavy, heavy beatdown. In attendance: Round 2, Folsom, Ponzi, Honey Stinger, CSI, Trade Mark, Honk Honk, Picabo, Caesar, Safe Ride, Stella

On The Q: Brazilian



Tap E Taps


Mountain Climbers

Sun Gods


The Thang – The Heaviest

The PAX circled up around the swings on the rubber at Stinson Park. Brazilian laid out the punishment as follows… Three HIM peeled off to form a push group to perform the following three exercises:

Farmers Walk w/ 80 lbs or 50 lbs in each hand 20 yards to cone and back

Barbell Deadlift w/135 lbs

Static hold 90 & 65 lb KBs

The farmers walk served as the push exercise for the push group. Each of the three HIM in the push group performed all three exercises before returning to the main PAX and another three took their place so and so forth throughout the workout.

Meanwhile…. rest of Pax performed the following exercises always performing 15 reps in tempo-cadence:

Overhead Press



Chest Press

Big Boys


Hammer Curls

Tricep Extensions


Bent over rows

Rinse n Repeat




Gas Pumpers

Folsom took us home with heavy American Hammers



•Bring your 2.0s out to the Oracle on Saturday for a Ponzi/Brazilian school yard beatdown.

•Honey Stinger is looking to get a Wednesday afternoon mountain bike ride going. Stay tuned via Twitter.

•Brazilian encouraged the lovers of all things Heavy Metal to head out to Stir Cove tomorrow night to catch a set from Mastodon, his favorite metal band.

Brazilian thanked the PAX for making him a better man over the past 14 months. Without the accountability of this group he wouldn’t be the man he is without each of the HIM holding him accountable even if it comes in the form of shit talking from Ponzi on Twitter. Closed in prayer.



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