2/9/2019  Oracle Winter Quarters AO

PAX: Six Shooter, Reba, Honey Badger, Borland, Big One, Coach K, Wait Time, Dufner, Crab Cakes, Placebo, Tonight Show, Ethanol, No Doze, Saul, The Plague, Specimen, Vandalay, Tater Tot, Room Service, Cyclone (RESPECT), Chaz (HATE), Waffle House (RESPECT), Khakis (RESPECT)

QIC: Lowman

With wind chills hovering around -14, the PAX sought the moderately warm(er) confines of the Winter Quarters. After a welcome of the one brave FNG (Chaz) and an outline of the mission, the PAX moseyed out to the back patio for a quick warm-a-rama before the fun began.


SSH 30 IC → Cherry Pickers 20 IC → Windmills 15 IC → Burpees 10 OYO → Alt Shoulder Taps 15 IC

The Everest Challenge

From the Patio, the PAX snowshoed through the frozen steepe to the foot of The Hill. YHC had the group pair up and prepare for a quick, but HR increasing feat with one partner executing a counted exercise at the top, then relieving their partner who was in the midst of an AMRAP exercise at the bottom. Exercises as follows:

Burpees – 10Big Boys
Merkins – 15Freddie Mercury
Werkins – 15LBC’s
Air Squats – 20Something cool that YHC forgot

While not the 29,028.87 feet of elevation gain needed to “Everest” necessarily, the PAX did get warm quickly, despite the cold wind.

Some Time to Kill

After thanking their sherpas and receiving treatment for frostbite at base camp, the PAX moseyed back to the parking structure. There was only one problem…they arrived too soon. Fearing the PAX’s mutinous tendencies, YHC decided to keep them moving with some random extracurricular activities.

  • Mosey up the stairs to floor 5, then back down to wall sits until the Six arrived
  • Balls to the Wall, 40 count x 2

The Square of Pain

This Thang consisted of four distinct pearls on one long, square-shaped string. The PAX was divided into four groups of six, with each group completing each workout as a group before moseying to the next station. Rather than running directly there however, each group ran a full lap around the parking structure, with early arrivals being rewarded with AMRAP burpees until the more modestly-paced group finished.

Corner 1Corner 2Corner 3Corner 4
Merkins – 20 Werkins – 20Merkins w/opp arm reach – 15Burpees – 10 OYO
Air Squats – 20 Monkey Humpers – 20 ICTricep Dips – 20Lunges – 10/10
LBCs – 15 ICReverse Crunch – 15Big Boys – 10Hammer with Sand Bags – 20 IC (BRUTAL)
Jump Tucks – 15Bobby Hurleys – 15High Knees – 20 ICWindmills – 15 IC

Mumblechatter feedback was fairly consistent – it was a beatdown. YHC agrees. Smoked. On to Mary.


Dying Cockroach 15 IC → LBCs 15 IC → Gas Pumpers 20 IC (thanks Plague) → Circle of Plank (100 seconds of plank and L/R plank) → Circle of Hammer (10 hammer, 10 rest, 10 hammer, 10 rest, 10 hammer) with TClaps to Chaz for the pro-level cadence count in his first workout.

Circle of Trust

Announcements & Prayers

  • TAPS for TC, who is recovering from foot surgery and out for a while. Wait Time encouraged PAX to reach out to him, grab coffee or lunch, and really keep him close over the next few months.
  • Big One announced two additional workouts beginning in March led by he and No Doze. More details to follow in the coming days.
    • Thursdays at Memorial Park (No Doze, Site Q)
    • Fridays at Burke HS (Big One, Site Q)

Message from YHC:

I have to admit that I was flat wrong. The last time I Q’d at this AO, I openly said that we wouldn’t be able to EH any new FNGs this winter because the conditions were just too rough. That couldn’t be any further from the truth and I’m so glad nobody listened to me! Since then, we’ve seen nearly a dozen new PAX who have become HIMs in the their own right, and are even seeing new AOs popping up because we have SO MANY guys showing up today. I’m so proud of everyone in the group and am so excited to see where we go next.

My closing thought was related to a tweet I found from @F3sketch talking about Get Right in the Q Source. Please read the tweet and interpret it to your own life, but my take is that it’s a great reminder that “Getting Right” is fluid, not static. We’re always in a state of Getting Right, even when we’re helping other guys do so. When we think about their needs, we’re able to reflect upon our own and maybe find gaps we never knew existed. Just be open and present to teach and learn at the same time.



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