@maizeF3 – Copperfields Football Field AO – February 7, 2019  – 7° 14
mph wind, light snow & overcast

PAX: Ethanol, Point Break, Bubbles, Tonight Show, The Plague, Honey
Badger, Tator Tot, Crab Cakes, Khakis, Folsom, Waffle House

Q: Waffle House

The Mumble chatter sparked the morning air as many got out of their
heated vehicles at 5:29. T-claps to Him who added another pre-run to
#f3twofiddy   T-claps to all who helped YHC with the F3 mission
statement, and core principles.  YHC demonstrated new exercises.

Do you prefer to help someone, or prefer to ask someone for help?

The helpful watermelon workout began with Warm-o-Rama circled up right next to the virtual shovel flags.  T-claps to all who traveled safely
to the AO in hazardous driving conditions.  As the third round of SSH began, Point Break’s headlamps sliced the overcast air and we totaled 11 PAX strong.

SSH x10 IC – Sun Gods x 15 – SSH x10 IC – Moroccan Night Club x15 –
SSH x 10 IC – Tappy Taps x15 IC

The PAX quickly ran to: the bridge “on the way to Grandmother’s
House.” Seeking a challenge, or seeking shelter, not sure?  The AO’s
new official winter quarters name is: “The Bowl.”  It is approximately
.09° warmer in The Bowl.  This is because of the suburban outpost
directly to the north, and the naked cottonwood trees that canopy the

THANG #1: H.E.L.P.
The PAX paired off for a 100s grinder.  One man exercised while the other ran 100 yards counting up to 100 for each exercise:  Hillbillies
– E2K – Low Country Crabs – Plank Jacks

No man where you found him.
The PAX split into 2 groups and headed up the incline path.  Each Him took turns being carried by the others for approximately 25 yards.
Hand holds, and mumble chatter were key to this exercise.

THANG #2: W.A.T.E.R.M.E.L.O.N.
The PAX circled up for a 10 count of each exercise, spelling out the
word watermelon.  Knowing that the PAX had dedicated an additional
600-1000 heartbeats to the post workout hazardous driving conditions the final three exercises were skipped, but not forgotten.
Werkins – Alligator Merkins – Tot Squats – E2K – Reverse Crunch –
Mountain Climbers – Empty Wheel Barrow – LBCs – One Leg Burpees –
Nolan Ryans

Help song merkins:
The PAX alternated plank and merkin to the music of the Beatles, down with each “Help.”  Mosey back to the virtual shovel flags.
6MOM: Sweat Angel x15 IC – Snow Angel x15 IC – Box Cutter x10 IC –
American Hammer x30 IC (Tator Tot reminded the PAX of his burning
desire for the Nolan Ryan.  X10 IC left and right)

YHC pontificated wildly about how asking for help actually prepares us
to help others, the key being learning to listen.  Knowing that
“watermelon” seemed a little incognizant with the idea of helping
people, YHC shared the story of why “watermelon” his word for 2019.
T-claps to Tonight Show for encouraging the PAX to share their word of
the year.  Calvin and Hobbs added some clarity to the PAX, T-Claps to
Bubbles for voice acting the comic strip.

Point Break on the Q Woodshed Friday Feb. 8

Ball of Man & Prayers

Aye – Waffle House

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