On Monday, February 11, 12 PAX (quietly) started their week off on the right foot by attacking a multitude of pullups, pushups, squats, core and running.  Speaking of pullups (in the diaper sense), our brother Shackles greeted the group by sharing that he and his wife will be welcoming a new baby girl, that morning….at 9:30am!  That might be the exact opposite of fartsacking and we would have all completely understood had he heartsacked.  Wow, just wow!

The PAX: 

Wait Time, Honey Badger, Bubbles(hate!), Ponzi, Vandelay, Waffle House(respect), The Plague, The Greek Freak, The Worm, Shackles (Mad Respect), Khakis(respect) and Tater Tot

QIC: Tater Tot

WARM-A-RAMA: Tater Tot welcomed the PAX, gave the disclaimer and mission followed by reminding the group to use inside voices while counting out exercises.  

THE THANG (The Murph)  The group split into two groups of 6 and completed each set of exercises (10 pullups, 20 pushups, 30 air squats, five sets of core and three runs totally 2.5 miles).  

100 Pullups

200 Sit-ups

300 Air Squats

2.5 Mile Run

Core – Little Baby Crunches (in honor of baby shackles), Flutter Kicks,Dying Cockroaches, Gas Pumpers and American Hammer  


After countoff and nama-o-rama Shackles told the group again he would be headed to the Women’s Methodist Hospital to have a new baby girl in a few hours and many of the PAX reminded him of the fantastic food that he would have access to… We are still eagerly awaiting the details of their newest addition.  Prayers (and patience) were given to TC and his foot surgery and can’t wait to get him back in action.  Tater Tot discussed his time spent with a friend who has been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and how honored he is to be able to offer a helpful hand or ear during his chemotherapy treatments.  Often times we talk about surface level topics to keep the conversation moving but one in particular struck a deep cord and that was the power of one’s passions in life.  Tater Tots friend’s passion for travel, particularly for Alaska, awoke a spirit and energy that was deeper and more real which created a sense of hope for the future and something to keep fighting for.  Tater Tot closed with a reading that spoke to him about passion and encouraged the PAX to follow those emotional attachments to what makes you happy and put time and energy into exploring those feelings.     

As always Tater Tot was honored to lead this group of great men.


Tater Tot

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