Saturday, July 22, 2023 | Boys Town AO | The Oracle | 7 AM | 68 degrees and Mild
PAX: Turtle, Home Alone, Canadian Bacon, Laser Jet, Chowda, Greenhouse, Canary, Straight Flush, Dexter, Sargent Pencil
QIC: Big Unit

11 PAX met at the OG site’s shovel flag for an early morning Saturday beatdown. Big Unit shared the 5 core principles, credo, and mission statement. He also clarified he is not a professional . Coupons were collected and we set out on a mosey.

The warm-a-rama started with some SSH x 15, Sun Goods x 8, Moon Gods x 8, and then a mosey back to coupons on top of the hill by the flags.

Awaiting us on top of the hill with the coupons were partner exercises. 100 curls, 100 Shoulder Presses, 100 Kettlebell Swings, and 100 Goblet Squats. Each shared with partners and each with coupons.

We moseyed to the picnic tables south of the field house.

PRE-THANG: Dips and Derks

At the Picnic Tables we did 2 sets of 20 each of Dips, and then Derkins

We moseyed to the track.


PAX were divided into groups of 2 to be divided into four stations. Two stations were located on the football practice field and two stations were located in the field house yard.

STATION 1 [PUSH STATION]: | Finish one exercise and Super Mario Jump to station 2
STATION 2: Finish one exercise and High Knees Jump to station 3

STATION 3: Finish one exercise and Frog Hop to station 4

STATION 4: Finish one exercise and Run to station 1

PAX moseyed to shovel flags

At the Flags: American Hammer x 11 (Rancid Style) IC

ANNOUNCEMENTS / Prayer Requests: Still time to sign up for “Brush UP Omaha” event on August 19. DaKine’s Golf Charity Event is first week of August. Shoe Drive is on Slack or contact Frosty. Dexter then asked for prayers for his aunt. We had a special prayer in a ball of man around him.

COT: Eyes Open to Opportunity

Big Unit expressed the importance of having our eyes open to opportunity to help others. He discussed how sometimes simple tasks can set us off, or make us upset and on edge. He then stressed finding a pivot point, a point to where you can transition back to having grace and serving others.

Respectfully submitted (late)

Home Alone

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