12 June 2023 / AO The Octagon / Temp 46 deg, Wind 6 mph NNW

9 PAX:

Hooah (RESPECT), Kahkis (RESPECT), Oompa, Jenny Bravo, Lansbury, Golden Pike, Vanilla Ice, Wentworth, Bobsled


Bobsled (Weeeeee)

0500 Pre-Run/Pre-Ruck:

Hooah (RESPECT), Jenny Bravo, Golden Pike

0530 Welcome:  

Bobsled welcomed everyone to the Octagon and F3 (Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith), recited the Mission Statement, Credo and 5 Core Principals.  There were no FNGs unfortunately.  Bobsled reminded everyone to modify as necessary as he is not a professional.  There is a real risk of injury.  In fact, Bobsled has been on IR for a month now and has surgery scheduled July 7.


Side Straddle Hops, 15 IC

Skip Rope, 30 sec

Sun Gods, 10 fwd, 10 bk IC

Michael Phelps, 15 IC

Big Ones, 10 IC

Tappy Taps, 15 IC


3 Broad jumps, 2 Burpees (rinse & repeat) 150 total feet

The Thang:

AMRAP – 40 seconds WORK, 20 seconds rest

Vanilla Ice & Hooah (RESPECT) joined me working out seated in a folding chair

Shoulders:  Arnold Press, Lateral Raise, Front Raise, Wide & Narrow Military Press

Triceps:  Overhead Extension, Kickbacks, Side Overhead Extension, Dips or French Press

Biceps:  Underhand Curls, Hammer Curls, Concentration Curls, Congdon Curls

Back:  Underhand Narrow Row, Overhand Wide Row, Lawnmowers, Rear Delt Fly

Chest:  Merkins, Wide Chest Press, Narrow Chest Press, Chest Flys

Mary (all weighted):  Heals to Heavens, Bed Bugs, Floor Sweepers, Big Boys, High Plank, Side Plank Lt, Side Plank Rt, Flutter Kicks, Horizontal Scissors, Heel Touches, Vertical Scissors, Box Cutters, American Hammers (Rancid Style)


Rollbar Meal Train

Harland Hope Block Party

Octagon Shovel Pass July 17:  Golden Pike  Hooah

Wolf Den Launch today @ Elkhorn North

Lansbury’s dad F3 Pickle Rick, was in hospital with heart troubles, but is recovering!


My playlist, which I forgot to start until 20 minutes in, was all Bob Marley.  Marley was more than a Reggae artist, he was an idealist.  His idea was that you could literally heal the world of Racism and Hate by injecting Music and Love into people’s lives.  Couple days before a peace rally (Smile Jamaica Concert) performance he was gunned down in his home. Seven gunmen shot Marley in the chest and arm.  Marley’s wife, Rita, was shot in the head in her car in the driveway.  Two days later he walked on stage and performed.  When asked why he said the people who are trying to make this world a worse place aren’t taking any days off.  How can I?  Light in the darkness.  I challenge myself and the PAX to be a light in the darkness.  Doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, just a simple hello, how are you, a hug, some kind words, or an offer to help somebody in need.

Aye!  Bobsled

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