The Maize 5-16-2019

Q: Ethanol

PAX:  Roll Bar, Wait Time, D-League, Placebo, Tonight Show, Crab Cakes, Lemmon Law, Chewy, Zach(Slapstick), Formaldehyde, Hard Had, Sasquash, Dufrense, Stretch, Ethanol, Boom Boom, Matt(2-Legit)

QIC: Ethanol

AO: The Maize5-16-2019 0530

Weather: SUMMER!!  Sunny and 70

The intro and disclaimer were given, we had 2 FNGs…. Welcome Slapstick and 2-Legit.


Windmill: 20 IC

SSH: 20 IC

THE THANG:  War of Tug?

PAX were split into 2 groups, with each standing on opposite goal lines, on the football field.  The thang was started off with a game of red rover, followed up with a sack rack and concluded with a good ole war of tug.  Stretched the length of the filed, were a pair op ropes… or bungee cords, as Tonight Show pointed out.  In the middle of each rope, there was a 45lb weight.  As the plate was pulled to their individual AO’s, the PAX would all perform a designated exercise… AMRAP.  In the end, the War of Tug was won by all.

Carolina Dry Docks


Copperhead squats



6MoM Flutter Kicks x50 IC, Am. Hammer x70 IC, plank to a 10 count x10 

Name-a-Rama and CoT were completed FNG’s were named.  

Announcements:  CSAUP is Sunday… Tater Tot will be driving anyone who needs a lift… bring gas money. 

Ball of man was formed…  Ethanol  took us out with a prayer…. Leave everything better than it was when you got there.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Ethanol Out-


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