The Maize 5-30-2019 

Q: Ethanol

PAX:  Roll Bar, Tonight Show, Crab Cakes, Hard Hat, Sasquash, , Ethanol, Germ-X, Chaz, Slow Roast

QIC: Ethanol

AO: The Maize 5-30-2019 0530

Weather: The day started out with a little rain…. Followed by an amazing sunrise over the lake.  70 degrees, set the tone for all that we love to hate.

The intro and disclaimer were given.


Cherry pickers 20 IC


 Sun Gods  20 IC

THE THANG:  Love and Hate:  As the kickoff time drew near, I found myself sitting in an empty parking lot…. In the rain… wondering to myself… does everyone hate the rain so much that they would take the easy out and stay in bed?  It gave me some time to ask myself some questions….. Why do we come out and do this?  What brings us together at 0530 to punish ourselves?  There are so many reasons to not show up…. What drives each person to embrace the hate…. LOVE.  Love for improvement…. Love for the cause…. Love for the comradery…. Love for something bigger than our own individual self.  It is this love, an emotion of drive and determination, that is the counterbalance to the hate that we have for the pain.  It is this love that translates into early morning smiles.  It is this love that converts the hate into motivation.  It made me stop to think about the similarities between the two emotions.  Both are emotions of a powerful nature.  Both are very passionate…. Both require the same level of personal input…. Both can cause the same pain and the same joy.   Both can make you do things that you might not do otherwise.  All that said, I embraced the 2 as being much the same.  Not emotions on opposite ends of a spectrum, but 2 things that share the same piece of mental real estate in each one of us.  They are both the same emotional gas tank that fuels us to get out and do what we do…. Or simply fuels us.  It is only when we stop recognizing these emotions as fuel, and stop thriving in their presence, that we see the true opposite of both…. INDIFFERENCE.  Were the rest of the PAX indifferent on this rainy morning?  NOT A CHANCE….. through my amoebic thoughts I noticed a set of headlights…. Instantly, I knew that Hardhat was racing in…. then there was another… and another… and another…. Up to the point where Slow Roast cam rolling in hot, just to embrace the suck.  These men, driven by emotions, embraced the bigger picture.  Once assembled, we hit the trail for some true enrichment.  The PAX performed a Merkin Mile, as a cohesive unit, to truly love what we hate to do.  Along our 2.5 mile journey, we welcomed 8 stops of love……

  • Merkins 20
  • Werkins 20
  • Knerkins 20
  • Ranger Merkins 20
  • Derkins 20
  • Carolina Dry Docks 20
  • Scorpion Merkins 20
  • Merkins 20

6MoM STEINL:  Plank 30 seconds, Chillcut 30 seconds, 10 MERKINS… rinse and repeat 

Name-a-Rama and CoT were completed 

Announcements:  Prayers to WaitTime and his family, Prayers Honey Badger and Stinger, 2 Legit and his M welcomed baby Grace!, Lemon Law and his M welcomed baby Elijah (not Urijah… sorry crab cakes), Dufrense got hitched!!

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference

Ball of man was formed…  Ethanol  took us out with a prayer…. Leave everything better than it was when you got there.  Don’t be indifferent! 

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Ethanol Out-


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