5/31/19 | The Woodshed AO | Elmwood Park | 60 Degrees & Wet

PAX: Stella, Ponzi, Safe Ride, Cesar, Baby Grand, Matt Remar (FNG – Gunner), Khakis (Respect!), OMT, The Lifestyle, TC (Respect!), Tater Tot, Trade Mark, Folsom, Toad Stool, Bubbles (Hate!), Billy Boots, Polaroid, The Plague, Cyclone (Respect), Tenderfoot, Smile Aisle, Flipper (Hate!)

Q: Brazilian

Brazilian welcomed the PAX, gave the mission statement and the disclaimer.


The PAX moseyed to the grotto

SSH x 25 IC

Abe Vagodas x 5 IC Both Ways

Windmills X 8 IC

Sun Gods x 10 IC Both Ways

Cherry Pickers x 15 IC

Chinooks while holding Al Gore X 10 IC Both Ways

Carolina Dry Docks X 15 IC


PAX Bear Crawled out of the Grotto up to the North Parking lot then mozied back to the shovel flags.

The group split off into partners and kept the same partner throughout the rest of the beatdown.

The THANG: Blackjack Burpee/Hill Running/ Merkin Madness

Pax were instructed that with their partner, they will complete:

20 Burpees in the parking lot then run across the street, scamper over the golf course fence, across the fairway and up to the cart path on #4 where they will perform 1 merkin. Then run back down to the parking lot to perform 19 burpees so on and so forth with descending reps of burpees and ascending reps of merkins always adding up to 21.

SIGNIFICANT mumble chatter. Mostly encouragement of ones partner and offers of appreciation to Brazilian. The PAX did their best to keep up with OMT and The Lifestyle who somehow made it down to 13 burpees before Brazilian called Omaha!

6 MoM:

Reverse Crunches X 20 IC

Bubbles lead the PAX in Big Boys X 20


American Hammer X 20 IC


Brazilian shared how he has come to know many in the PAX quite well and learned what awesome lives we all live and how much we have to be grateful for. Encouraged the PAX not to focus or dread the things that stress us out or cause us anxiety but to focus on what we are thankful for so that we have the energy and clarity to better men that serve our family, friends and community.


Tuesday at Cornhusker we start the Freed to Lead discussion. Tater Tot has extra copies for anyone that needs to borrow one.

Continued prayers for Wait Time’s M and her family.

Brazilian closed us out in prayer



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