May 31 | Burke High School | AO – Golden Spike | Weather –62

PAX:  CSI, Exile(F3 Cherokee), Novocaine, Brad Pitt(F3 Cherokee – Respect), Specimen, Honey Badger, Tonight Show, Lowman, Pinto (FNG), Selleck, Saul, Blue Suede, Honey Stinger, No Doze, Ascot, Big One, Vandalay, Uber Eats (FNG), FDIC

Q: Room Service

Welcomed 19 PAX to a top ten morning in Omaha.  Explained the mission of F3 and gave disclaimer that Room Service is not a professional and all exercises were suggestions and the need for modifying when necessary.

Moseyed ¾ around the track and stopped at the 50 for:


  • SSH 20IC
  • String Rippers 10IC
  • Hillbilly’s 15IC
  • Cherry Pickers 15IC
  • High Knees 15IC

Pre-thang – Crowd pleaser (1 merkin followed by 1 groiner). Room service has only Q’d once before and really though the CP would catch on, it hasn’t.  PAX did a CP up to 6, took a 10 count and then worked back down from 5 to 1.


The PAX was split into groups of two. One partner did the exercises below while the other back pedaled to the 50 yd line and ran back to replace partner.  This was done OVER and OVER again until the exercises were completed as a team. 

  • 250 squats
  • 200 LBC’s
  • 150 merkins (your choice)
  • 100 lunges
  • 50 burpees

In honor of Specimen the PAX moseyed over to the hill for a quick round of clock merkins. This was done with a total of 12 merkins with movement in between to move to the next hour.  Note to Q – need more room and a less graded hill next time. 


In honor of Mustache month for M4K Omaha the entire 6 minutes was dedicated to Freddie Mercury

Each PAX counted out 5 Freddie’s in cadence…we didn’t make it all the way around but close…recover was called at 85 Freddie’s IC.


Sticking with the mustache theme Room Service read a quote from one of the greatest men to ever sport a lip sweater – Martin Luther King, Jr. MLK went through more than hopefully any of us ever have to endure but yet was able to find it in his heart to forgive.  Here are some of his words on forgiveness:

“We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.”

Room Service admitted this is a hurdle for him and challenged the PAX if they are dealing with the same to carve out some time today to forgive that friend or family member and move on with your life.


  • Freed to lead will be discussed after both workouts starting next Tuesday, June 4
  • M4K Omaha – Donations are still being accepted through 5PM today, Friday, May 31.  You can visit and click the donate now button.  All proceeds go to Angels Among Us.  Angels Among Us is a super organization that assists families financially that are coping with pediatric cancer. 


  • Thankful for the good news regarding Wait Time’s family
  • Prayers for health and protection of our PAX and their families
  • Prayers for the strength to allow us to forgive
  • Coffeteria/2ndF at Starbucks 114th and Dodge

Aye!  Room Service

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