PAX: Ethanol, Wait Time, Hardhat

QIC: Ethanol

AO: The Maize

Weather: The weather was a very tolerable 50 with a light drizzle…. Nothing like the storm that took out the Hill County clock tower, Nov 12, 1955….

The intro and disclaimer were given…. Our internal DeLoreans were filled with motivation, not plutonium….. as we set out to hit that magical number of 88 (reps, not MPH).

PAX moseyed to the town square for a quick warmup…


SSH x15 IC

Al Gore—In honor of Biff Tannon’s “why don’t you make like a TREE and get outa here”—10 count

PAX kicked off the T-H-A-N-G…. “Good Ole 1985”

The thang was made up of 4 stops, with a few exercises that would all add up to 88(reps/MPH).  Each stop was sprinkled with Burpee’s, Sumo Squats, Merkins and Mountain Climbers…. 22 reps each.   As is typically the case, the announcement of burpees was a crowd favorite.  Once we had completed 88 reps of each exercise, we set out on the final run back to 1985…. With a specific time hack to hit, we took off on one final run around the Maize, which would take us right back where we started.

Burpee—88 REPS

Sumo Squats—88 REPS

Merkins—88 REPS

Mountain Climbers—88 REPS


Cherry Pickers—22 IC

Sweat Angels (paying homage to Marty McFly’s rendition of Earth Angel)—20 IC


CoT was completed, along with announcements.

  • Check the newsletter, for the signup link, to help out Waffle House on Veterans Day.
  • Waffle House has a VQ in Denver this Saturday… Great show of support to our AO neighbor to the West.
  • A special shout out to one of the coolest girls out there!  Lilly, keep your head held high!  Take your current situation and use it as a stepping stone to move forward.   Use this as motivation to keep working to achieve your goals!  WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

Wait Time took us out with a prayer…. Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers as we are starting to travel for the holiday’s and tryto get in that one last outing before the snow starts to fly.  Placebo has been down and out for a solid week, with the flu.  Have not heard much….. but I am considering starting up a Ferris Bueller type of campaign for him….. get well man!


Ethanol Out-

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